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Sugar, PMS, Gluten Free and a Recent Dark Chocolate "Habit"...

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  • Sugar, PMS, Gluten Free and a Recent Dark Chocolate "Habit"...

    Alright, I'm coming clean. I recently acquired a dark chocolate habit. There...I'm out!

    It started out with the rare Endangered Species Dark or Extra Dark (sweetened with unfiltered beet sugar) "treat." Then, I found some Lindt (85% (5 g sugar) and 90% (3 g sugar)) super cheap and bought quite a few bars for my "stash."

    I'm pretty purist, BUT for the past couple of weeks I've built up to one 1/2 to a whole bar a day. I think I'm looking for energy (I know, more fat...I do eat lots of it, really). I hate how the caffeine in the chocolate makes me feel...anxious (uh, hello), and I hate eating any white sugar...even that tiny amount.

    Before the Lindt chocolate I hadn't had any white sugar in anything for a really long time (I RARELY eat any other sweeteners and eat very little low-sugar fruit, etc.). I was quite frightened of white sugar b/c it completely whacks me out esp. if I eat it around PMS, so I didn't eat it period. Again, that was until the Lindt bars.

    FYI, since completely giving up grains around January, it seems like sugar (have only had it b/c of the Lindt bars) doesn't make me as nuts as it used to during PMS (super depressed, edgy, beat up on myself, etc.). I'm much better able to control my moods.

    But, I really should be 100% PB. I think I'm one of those people who just really shouldn't cheat (have Hashimoto' autoimmune issue), so I usually don't mess around. I eat meat, chicken, eggs, veggies/greens, ghee, EVOO and that's about it. I consider cheese, yogurt, sweet potatoes and things like lentils/beans a cheat. I never eat anything with grains.

    I can afford the calories (weight = 113 lbs), but I really don't want to pollute my body with the stuff.

    Oh, and if I eat an entire bar, I seem to get foot cramps (also get them from dairy...think it is related to the 30 mcg of Armour I take).

    I just wanted to come clean about this and ask if anyone has any similar experience and/or tips on a little snack I could use to replace the chocolate with?

    BTW, I eat nuts now and then (again, I stay really simple). But, maybe I should get some macadamia nuts? Does anyone make anything with carob? I'm not a fan...I like the taste, but I wonder about the stuff.

    Look forward to any thoughts!
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    That's pretty interesting with the Lind chocolate. I bought one the other day after reading about it here. Kept it in my car overnight thinking one square a day. But the next day I ate all but 4 squares. I felt awful. Put the 4 in the disposal. Can't have that around. I am okay with weight too. But if I keep this up I won't be. The problem is that it's set off cravings for sugar. And like you say, I don't want to put that sugar into my body.

    I have fibro, CFS and PPS and take Armour. Have been off grains and tending toward paleo for maybe 15 years. Oh, I'm gluten intolerant so have been off that for 20+ years.

    Anyway, to answer ur question, I've no idea of a replacement. I'm gorging on nuts and just trying to get past the new sugar cravings from the Lindt's. Wish I could just remember what's good for me and not be influenced by everybody else.

    BTW I had a huge leg cramp last night. It was yesterday that I had the Lindt. Thanks for the thought they might be connected. As if I need more reasons to stay away!
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      I also get very addicted to dark chocolate and eat so much that I feel the need to cut it out completely for my health. The caffeine messes me up too and I also have a feeling I'm kinda allergic to chocolate. I feel much better if I snack on coconut shreds, macadamia nuts, or almond butter. I enjoy carob and mix the carob powder with a frozen banana and coconut milk for a yummy milkshake!
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        Thanks for sharing your story Violette. I wish I could keep some of the Lindt around. I have been known to ask my husband to hide it and just give me one piece here and there. That really works, but again, if I'm going to be Primal, I prefer to do it all the way.

        Fairychilde, thanks for the coconut idea. I completely forgot that I have some here. And the carob and banana might help with a transition.

        I do this sometimes...get a little habit and then have to quit it. I think I just like to keep life interesting


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          i crave dark chocolate when i need to supplement magnesium. maybe look into that?


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            Thanks Melody. I think this is more of a caffeine habit than a craving. Also, I take Natural Calm every night. I love it for leg cramps and sleep!

            FYI, I did have some chocolate today, but I made a "cleansing drink" this morning by putting 2 tsp vinegar, fresh lemon juice (can add a few drops of stevia if you prefer) and noticed I didn't get cramps.

            I'm also going to drink some nettle tea for minerals.

            Tomorrow I'm going to try some alternatives suggested here in place of my little habit.


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              Been there, done that! I got into dark chocolate because I wanted to sub out all the "bad sugars" I was consuming, only to build an addiction to the supposed savior itself. My recommendation is to NOT replace the dark chocolate with any one thing. I tried to replace sugar/chocolate with nuts, and that ended up in daily nut binges. When you replace one food with another, the psuedo-vicious cycle just keeps turning. What worked for me was eating real foods. Get some protein and fat in you... and stuff yourself with veggies. It's not a chocolate bar that your body needs, but a real meal! Save the Lindt for special occasions though... ;D

              Hashimoto's isn't easy. Best of luck!
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                Thanks Sooki!

                Man, I have been eating a ton of protein this week, and I eat ghee like wild. I wish I could eat coconut oil, but it smells and tastes disgusting to me! I've tried them all too.

                Anyway, I will probably use a little substitute. I'm usually quite the purist, but to nudge myself off the dark chocolate habit, I may use a little diversion of nuts and coconut or something. I know from history that I won't binge on that.

                Not to pull out the "girl" card here, but guys don't seem to have this chocolate issue as much as we women.


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                  I developed the same thing. Dark chocolate has become my crutch food now that I'm not eating sugar or grains. Really need to cut back.


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                    I was addicted to the Lindt chocolate too (averaging 4 squares a day of the 85 or 90%), but I was kicked off the habit when I ran out of chocolate and didn't get to re-stock right away. I think it's been at least a week now since it's been in the house. It's a nice indulgence every once in a while, but I'm not going to keep it around as a daily treat anymore.
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                      There is a 100% Ghiradelli (sp?!) baking chocolate, that doesn't contain any sugar. Would that be an option? I don't have "cravings" most of the time, but I enjoy sharing food with others, so personally, I don't want to give up my cheats...yet. That may change, but for now. But I'm also gluten free and can have very, very limited lactose, so I think you tend to feel like -- I can't have any of ALL that, so dangit, I'm having my few indulgences! But having just read a thread about even small amounts of sugar affecting hypoglycemia...I don't know. Maybe going cold off of all sugar isn't a bad idea.
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