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  • my styleten check in

    New shopping list and my diet for the last two week. Exercises listed at the bottom

    80% beef, Steak, Canned Tuna fish, Chicken tenders raw skinless, Eggs.
    Frozen mixed veggie bags and Lettuce
    Bottled water, Whey in water, Crystal lite Iced teas

    1 apple per trip to the super market, 1 pear. Chopped and stored to snack on.

    All natural peanut butter and Nutella on wheat bread for a snack.

    Pepper to season veggies and proteins, coconut oil to cook in.

    Kick boxing, No-Gi wrestling, 1 weekly run, 1 weekly walk both 1 mile.
    First week of next month I'll run 10 mins week 1, 20 week 2, 30 week 3, and 40 week 4
    then run further distance in the same time each additional month. Density training.

    I made some big changes and held them for 2 weeks not and I'm enjoying them so i fell i can stick to this for summer. I'll have to alternate spices eventually but i have to learn about them first. (cooking class)

    My fish oil thread.

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    I'd take out the gnutella, and peanut butter. My only flag is the wheat - but, I'd be more of a food nazi by pointing that out. I'd also look into salmon (non-farmed) over tuna.
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