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Grass-fed dairy and Pastured eggs in WA (Snohomish County)?

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  • Grass-fed dairy and Pastured eggs in WA (Snohomish County)?

    I live in Mill Creek, WA, about 30 mi NE of Seattle, and have recently committed myself to primal/paleo lifestyle. I've got my local grass-fed beef lined up (Cascade Range Beef in Monroe), my local organic produce delivery (Full Circle Farms in Carnation), but I have yet to find a good source for local (or even non-local) grass-fed butter/yogurt or pastured eggs. Any tips from other WA folks? I'd prefer a delivery or someplace relatively close by as I'm trying to cut back on my driving.

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    I live not far from Tacoma, and recently discovered Marlene’s market (they also have on in Federal Way). They carry raw milk cream (both grass fed). Try calling them and see if they know. In health food industry folks know each other. 253) 472-4080


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      Eat Wild may have some sources.
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        I buy my eggs from Kelso custom meats in Snohomish, they come from Red Rooster Ranch - Pastured Happy Hens. They don't seem to have a website but I bet you could call them to find out if they have an outlet in Mill Creek. Their number is 360-691-4274.

        I get my Kerry Gold butter from Trader Joe's.

        With the Cascade Range Beef, do you have to buy a large portion, like a side or a quarter?


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          Originally posted by mobettabody View Post
          With the Cascade Range Beef, do you have to buy a large portion, like a side or a quarter?
          Yes you do. I bought a 1/2, and incidentally Kelso's is the butcher where I'll be picking it up so I'll be sure to pick up some eggs. Thanks!


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            +1 for the Raw Milk at Marlene's. They almost always have it in stock. From that you can make your own butter and yogurt if you were so inclined. Or for a non-local source for butter, stick with Kerrygold, it's wonderful! Top Foods carries it as well. For pastured eggs, you should be able to hit any Farmer's Market and find someone with eggs there. I've started getting mine from Lucky Pig Farm out of Tenino. They are at both the South Tacoma market and the Steilacoom market (for those in the area). They also have neighborhood delivery sites in the Winter. Great, family run small farm. They will even let you come out and work on the farm. For anybody in Puyallup, you can get eggs at Terry's Berries on River Road. The chickens might even meet you at the Farm Store door!


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              Does anyone know a local source of organic poultry meat and eggs? Close to Snohomish?


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                You're only 8 miles from Everett, why not check out the food co-op there? Email them and ask the customer service desk what they have.

                Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-Op
                2804 Grand Avenue, Everett, Washington
                Organic Produce Co op, Natural Food Cooperative | Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op Everett WA