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Can you overdose on Vitamin A from food?

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  • Can you overdose on Vitamin A from food?


    I love beef liver (have it once a week, 8 ounce), sweet potatoes (orange and white varieties; have one every day) carrots, squashes, etc. However, all those foods have a significant amount of vitamin A (especially beta-carotene). It is possible to overdose on this vitamin from food sources? I heard that a overdose is only a concern when it comes to supplement use.


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    It is impossible to get too much beta carotene. It is possible to get too much retinol , although vitamin D prevents toxicity. Make sure your levels are good.
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        I love carrots, so I tend to eat a lot of them. I noticed a while ago that when I ate a lot of carrots my fingers turned into orange color. When I stopped eating them, this went away. However, I've begun eating a lot of carrots again and last week I actually ate pig liver every single day as well as more than 5 carrots every day. I haven't noticed any adverse effects and my fingers don't seem to be orange-colored either.

        How do you understand if you have overdosed on Vitamin A?


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          When I went to PT the other day my physical therapist asked me if I've been eating a lot of food with vitamin A in it... I was somewhat surprised and asked how she knew. She said it was because the palms of my hands and soles of my feet were orange

          So you might have that to look forward to!


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            There was a study that showed people liked the slight tan that hypercarotenemia produces.
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              Hypervitaminosis A - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

              It seems like you should stay away from livers of carnivorous animals: polar bear, seal, walrus, dogs, cats, etc.