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newly does todays eating look?

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  • newly does todays eating look?

    I am a 35 year old woman, and I'm currently nursing my 16 month old daughter. She still gets about half her calories from me I would guess...she nurses every 2-4 hours during the day and once or twice at night. I'm about 50lbs overweight. I want to lose weight, but I don't want to go into ketosis because of nursing. I am looking for something livable, but healthy. I started a few days ago and the first thing I noticed was that my heartburn is gone. I was having bad heartburn every night and having to medicate for it. Since I dropped most grains/sugar it went totally away!!!

    Anyway, this is todays food:

    First awakening/nursing baby 7am: 1 oz almonds,
    10am Breakfast with family: 2 1/2 eggs scrambled, 5 sausage links
    1pm lunch: 3/4 cup greek full fat yogurt, 1 cup berries
    4pm snack: left over zucchini and mushrooms in a homemade tomato sauce
    7:30pm dinner: low carb wrap sandwich with all natural turkey and cheddar, lettuce and 9 cherries
    11pm snack: 1 cup frozen berries with 1/4 cup cream and 1 square 85%cocoa chocolate
    and somewhere throughout the day I ate another oz of almonds, maybe a bit more.

    calories 1890
    fat - 61% carbs- 19% protein-19%

    Yesterdays was quite a bit more, and not as well balanced. It totaled 2,430 calories, with a breakdown of 51% fat, 25% carbs and 24% protien. The extra carbs came mostly from a binge on prunes, lol. Now that i'm off refined sugar those things taste like candy!!! I ate about 10 of them, which added up to 200 calories and 48 grams of carbs, before I looked at the label. I also just ate more food yesterday. Today I was a lot less hungry, which is a good thing! Plus I have a feeling my intake will vary a bit from day to day.

    So..what do you think?
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    Your meals look decent. Is the low-carb wrap grain-based? If so, drop it. The issue with grains is not their carbohydrate content -- they inhibit your body's ability to properly digest and metabolize food. If you're sedentary, I would advise that you find ways to stand or walk for the majority of your day. This, along with proper exercise, will help accelerate weight loss. Also, since you're trying to lose weight, I would keep the dairy and nuts/seeds to a bare minimum. These, while not as problematic as grains, are much harder for your body to digest than meat, fruit, and vegetables. If you insist on eating either, make sure the dairy is raw and grass-fed/pasture-raised, and soak or sprout all nuts and seeds before consuming them. Even then, limit your consumption to a few times per week. Butter is an exception to this rule -- being that it is primarily fat, it is rather neutral, and makes a great medium for cooking.
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      Originally posted by ktgrok View Post

      So..what do you think?
      Looks like a lot of good stuff in there, and those macronutrient ratios (61:19:19) seem fine. It's a bit difficult to tell. There might not be an awful lot of vegetables in there—unless that 4 pm snack is pretty substantial. The only other veg I see is some lettuce in the wrap, which probably doesn't amount to much.

      There's a page on suggestions for foods nursing mothers at the WAPF, which may be worth a look:

      Diet for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

      You're getting the "two or more eggs", and I guess there's butter in the scrambled eggs, and there's the yoghurt and the cheddar. Maybe liver, seafood, and also coconut oil or other coconut foods would be worth including sometimes, as suggested there. The other things they suggest are bone broths—very good if you've got time to make them: the gelatine is very soothing to the stomach, helps protein digestion, and provides minerals. If you can get them or make them, real lacto-fermented vegetables, like natural sauerkraut, are good and, like yoghurt, provide good bacteria.

      They do say "soaked whole grains" which the Primal Blueprint wouldn't agree with. However, they'd certainly not recommend anyone to eat any unsoaked grains or ordinary bread. There are some pretty potent plant toxins in grains, as tarek just alluded to. Deactivating those, which some traditional cultures did by very laborious procedures, is necessary if they're to eaten at all, and they're probably best steered cleared of.


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        Thanks guys. I agree I need to back off those almonds...they have been a bit of crutch while doing this transition. I think I can manage to minimize those now. And you are right, I hadn't realized how light on veggies I was yesterday. We were out of spinach, my favorite, lol. I did eat a pretty good quantity at that 4pm snack, a bowl full, but that was about it. I'll do better today. I seem to need the yogurt while nursing, I only eat dairy foods when nursing or pregnant. I don't even like them the rest of the time. Weird. But I will stick with the best quality I can, and only the full fat (10% fat), cultured kind of dairy. And butter...yum! I actually bought a coconut yesterday to start eating, but after my poor son figured out how to open it properly we found that it was rotten!!! So we will have to get another one from the better, fresher grocery store.

        My activity level is so so. I have a toddler, so I'm carrying and chasing her around a lot, but also sitting nursing her a lot, or researching stuff for my older son's lesson plans for next year. I also am out walking around stores a lot. Yesterday was wandering the grocery store and Target. Then there is vacuuming most every day, laundry, dishes, etc through out the day. So not sedentary, but not enough heavy lifting.