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Casein protein??

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  • Casein protein??

    Hi there,

    I'm new to the Paleo lifestyle and wanted to get some people's take on using Casein protein as a "pre-bed" protein to prevent muscle tissue breakdown. I know casein is a slow absorbing protein (as apposed to fast absorbing whey) used to prevent muscle tissue breakdown but Mark's book talks about I.F. which suggests missing meals sometimes and eating only when your body is telling you to. My body has never asked for casein protein or anything before bed really but i've heard it helps. Any commentary would be much appreciated.

    Is it good? Does it help? Is it paleo?



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    It's paleo as in, it comes from a natural source, but the whole "muscle tissue breakdown" is more of a bodybuilding neurotic myth than anything true. Muscle doesn't waste away so easily. If you're consistent in your training your muscle will stick around for as long as you're using it. I don't take any supplements (except for BCAA when I remember to, but not frequently) and my muscle has not wasted away. That will only happen if you suddenly become sedentary.
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      Your muscles don't start to break down until a couple of days without food, so the marketing copy with regards to caesin is total bunk. The absence of dietary protein is also a prime mover in autophagy, a biological process which is responsible for much of the benefit of IF.

      So save your money and use it to treat yourself to a good rib-eye every friday


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        Much appreciated! That's good news cause I was getting pretty tired of chugging down a casein shake every evening.


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          My understanding is that casein is a protein that can lead to leaky gut (undigested fat and protein, bacteria and "toxins" entering the blood stream rather than being broken down first) - hence one of the reasons its not part of a strict Paleo diet. There was a Robb Wolf podcast where he and Chris Kresser talked about dairy - Robb being anti-dairy, Chris being somewhat pro-dairy I guess. However, even Chris said it was a good idea to cut dairy in the beginning (first 30 days?) to correct any leaky gut issues, then add it back in and see how it goes.