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    I went to whole foods yesterday to inquire about beef organs. They don't currently stock anything other than normal cuts and the grass fed stuff is at least $15/lb. I talked to the butcher though and he said I could order anything I want, just call them up in the morning or the day before. He said heart (grass fed) would probably be around .99/lb to 1.99/lb and liver might be slightly more.

    Is it ok to eat these daily? I'd much rather buy the organs for a fraction of the price, but I assume I should eat some normal cuts as well? Is heart close enough to the other muscles that it basically counts as steak?

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    Whole Foods usually has beef marrow bones. They're really expensive there, and not necessarily any better quality, compared to what you'd get at a regular supermarket. The difference is that Whole Foods sells them for fancy roasted meals, and supermarkets call them "dog bones" or "soup bones".

    Heart is basically like steak, as I understand it, and you can eat as much as you'd like. I hear it's good cut into strips across the grain and stir fried.

    As for liver, from what I hear that shouldn't necessarily be a daily staple due to the vitamin A content. (but someone who knows better will presumably jump in here to post.)
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      The butcher said I could order anything I want and they'll find it from one of the local suppliers and let me know how much it would cost. So the price and quality probably varies depending on store location. And he said not many people order hearts, so they're one of the cheapest cuts (and still grass fed).

      I'm not sure I would even want liver daily, so I'm not as worried about that. More just worried about heart, since I can eat steak every day and not get bored of it.

      Also, the last time I got heart, I didn't take out the lining or the arteries, I just cut the whole thing up, cooked it, and ate it. Then I looked online and all the recipes say I should have taken out the arteries. Is this just because most people don't want to eat it, or should I avoid eating those for some reason?