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Big Agra infiltrating schools

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  • Big Agra infiltrating schools

    Dear Parents:

    Our STARS assessment is coming up. As you might recall, a Meals Guidelines paper was included in your packet of information at the beginning of this school year. Whether fairly or not, we are evaluated and rated on the lunches that you send in for your children.

    Each child MUST have one serving of grain or bread:

    1/2 slice of bread

    1/4 cup of dry cereal

    1/4 cup of pasta, noodles or grain

    Peanut butter crackers

    The government decides what we feed our kids??!! I&#39;m shocked.

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    Wow, that&#39;s scary. That&#39;s a whole lot of grain too, jeez.


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      *mouth open in shock*

      What the...?!?!!!


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        @GtrBMart I think that each is an example of a serving. (1/2 the USDA for adults) they don&#39;t need to eat all of that.

        I commend Tom for taking a rational approach for the sake of his child and the school. Nether party deserves to be embarrassed for some mis-guided government intervention.

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          I am soooooo glad my kids don&#39;t go to school!


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            Are they kidding, that is insane!!!

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              Sooo...our government can&#39;t cough up for more school counselors or nurses to determine when children are being abused or are suicidal or about to go on a shooting spree, but they are spending time and effort evaluating individual lunches? Wow.

              I&#39;ve been getting closer to deciding that I do want kids someday, and coincidentally closer to deciding on home schooling for the hypothetical kid/s. I generally support public schools but this is asinine.


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                I find that extremely disturbing.

                I was talking with a friend yesterday about how ironic it is that the more conservative sectors of the government support subsidizing cereals (hence the cheap prices of crap food) while, simultaneously, reducing state funding for healthcare.

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                  It&#39;s a PRIVATE school!

                  "The government" does not dictate much of anything to private schools. As a total guess, the school decided to get on that STARS program, whatever that is.

                  The writer and the responders all took the "bad government" gospel as if it was fact. Perhaps it is, but he offers no proof.

                  Shame on anyone who jumped to that conclusion.


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                    You tell them: I decide what my child eats. If you don&#39;t like it, I&#39;ll keep my child home on your evaluation days, but I will not feed them poisons like grains. That&#39;s not negotiable.

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                      First page I found stated: "STARS is a voluntary, self-reporting framework for gauging relative progress toward sustainability for colleges and universities." Tom&#39;s kids aren&#39;t in college yet, so I don&#39;t know if this would differ. Still, OTB is partially correct: The only reason this school&#39;s administrators are forced to jump through these particular hoops is because they chose to join the circus. IMO, Griff&#39;s solution is simple, straightforward, and eminently appropriate.