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  • coconut oil storage

    I will preface this with a "might be a stupid question" but where do you store yours? i am brand new, and just bought my first jar. when i used it yesterday it was solid, but not hard.

    a hot day in toronto and no ac, tonight it was completely liquid

    the jar says to keep it in a "cool place" but doesnt specify if the fridge is too cold?

    Thanks in advance

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    I live in a sub tropical area and I keep mine on the bench. In summer it's liquid and in winter it's solid. I don't keep it for long periods because we eat it too fast so it doesn't get a chance to get rancid.
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      I keep mine in the cabinet. When it is below a certain temperature it is solid (not sure the number), but it turns liquid when it is hot out/around. Keeping it in the fridge will keep it solid I believe. Once it became summer here the oil started to turn liquid. I prefer it solid though, it's easier to eat spoonfuls of it that way :-D


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        I keep mine in the cupboard. It does not seem to spoil. It is kind of like a thermostat. You can find out what the weather is just by checking your coconut oil ~
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          Melting point is 75-degrees. It will be like a rock if you keep it in the fridge! I keep mine in the cupboard and rejoice at how easy it is to use when it's liquid.


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            I think that's about 24 degrees apartment is hot!

            Thanks for all the replies!


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              Skip the fridge unless you want to scrape it like a candle to get any use of it (yes it really gets that hard in the fridge). Mine frequently runs from solid to liquid and back again. Like someone else said, I go through it too fast to worry about it going rancid on me.


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                I keep it on the counter or pantry. I've read that there's a two year shelf life un-refrigerated.