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'Nother big score - I got lard!

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  • 'Nother big score - I got lard!

    And the best part - it's in my freezer, not my ass!

    A while back I made a connection with a local rancher/butcher. He'll be cutting up my grass-fed cow this fall and I told him I was also interested in lard if he had some. At the time he didn't, but his wife called me and said he'd just done a pig and do I still want the lard? Hell yes! So I've got a big ol' box of lard in the freezer to render as needed. Happy.

    Oh yeah, it was free. They usually just toss it out.

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      Woo hoo. I had tried to get some this winter from my butcher but the hogs they were getting had just enough fat for their sausage making and stuff so I could never get it. Today I decided to call and see if they happened to have some and the man said I hit the jack pot this week because they had plenty. I ordered fiv pounds of fat to start with. I think they told me before they charged 1.50 per pound. Not free but good anyway

      Have fun with your pig fat!
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        Must be all the sex threads... read this as " 'Nother big score - I got LAID!"
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          Originally posted by Dragonfly View Post
          Must be all the sex threads... read this as " 'Nother big score - I got LAID!"
          ROTFLMAO! Freudian, much?

          Gawd, no way I'd be happy about that, ewuuue.


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            Good one! My butcher gives me free lard too. Word of warning - there is a limit to how long it will sit in the freezer - I had some smelled rancid after about 3 months in there. I tend to render it down pretty fast since then... It lasts ages, rendered and in the fridge.