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diet for someone with salicylate sensitivity

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  • diet for someone with salicylate sensitivity

    I need help! I just found out that I have salicylate sensitivity. I was already on a restrictive diet for IBS and also have Adrenal Fatigue. The issue is that some of my main snack foods are extremely high in salicylate and I don't know what to replace them with. Almonds and avocado were 2 of my biggest snack foods and they are extremely high in salicylate. I can't replace them with any different tree nuts because my 3 year old has an anyphylactic allergy to any of the tree nuts that may be lower in salicylate. Does anyone have experience in dealing with this? I had finally found a diet that worked for my IBS after years of trying(by eliminating all FODMAPS carbs) so once I remove the salicylates I'm not sure what is left beyond plain meat and certain vegetables. I need an indulgence just not sure what is left!

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    Hardboiled eggs, precooked bacon, jerky, pork rinds (as long as they don't have the wrong seasonings), cheese if you do dairy. Looks like dark chocolate is ok, too.

    I'm sorry, though. That sucks.