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SO many questions... i dont really know where to begin...

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  • SO many questions... i dont really know where to begin...

    I ll see if i can keep this brief and to the point...

    im NOT done reading the book yet, but i HAVE started... using the mentality that i wont eat it if grok didnt..

    here was lunch today...

    bacon wrapped turkey filet (grilled), about 1/2 or more of a tomato, some steamed green beans and some pickles... and some mustard

    is this going to be ok for eating?

    beans, no beans... nuts, no nuts... im thinking veggies, berries, meat, MAYBE some nuts from time to time... depends on where he lived i guess... so many opinions and great arguments for all the different things...

    what about almond/soy milk?


    the list goes on and on...

    the dreaded carb-flu... im going to hate it arent i?

    i dont want to do one thing, while im thinking its good, when im NOT doing it right... MAN, i wish there was a LIST... DO EAT... DONT EAT

    any help? advice?
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    Main thing I think we need to know is where are you now, and what are your goals.

    If you are a professional athlete, looking to improve your performance, and perhaps do some body sculpting, your approach would be different than mine, with a lot of weight to loose, coming off a sedintary lifestyle, perhaps with health issues, such as diabetes, and taking a variety of medicines.


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      First- take a step back and realize it's a process.

      The reason there is no defined "list" of things to eat and not to is because everyone is different. By posting this you'll get 20 replies that will probably be 90% diverse in opinion. Why? Because some have no ill affects from dairy- others do. Some don't drink alcohol- while others do. Get the point.

      You have to experiment with what works the best for you.

      Cutting out nuts/legumes (beans), all grains and sugars should be paramount.

      Limit dairy only if you think it's stalled your progress or you get some gastro problemos. Limit your carbs to under 50g a day for fat loss, so you may need to limit your sugary fruits.

      Also, some people don't get the carb flu and others get smacked upside the head with it. It will depend on your individual case.

      Start, adjust and stick with it and you'll soon realize two things- 1.) This is a lifestyle 2.) It aint that hard.
      Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"


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        To ease your mind about a couple of things:

        1. Green beans are ok because, if you wanted to, you could eat them raw, pod and all.
        2. Almond milk is ok. Soy milk is not.
        3. If you're looking to lose weight, you might want to watch the sugar in the pickles and the mustard, but if you count them as an occasional condiment, it's not the end of the world.
        4. Again with the nuts, it depends if you're watching your calories or not.
        5. Carb flu varies from person to person. Some are hit harder than others, but you won't know until it happens.

        Eat meat, non-starchy veggies, good fats (butter, ghee, olive oil, avocado, coconut oil), starchy veg or white rice and nuts in moderation. Also in moderation, fruit (preferably berries) and dairy (always choose full-fat where possible).

        Don't eat: beans that have to be shelled and cooked, peanuts, soy products, anything with HCFS, processed foods or foods with an ingredient list that needs a translator.
        Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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          Originally posted by PrimalHockey View Post
          MAN, i wish there was a LIST... DO EAT... DONT EAT
          Your wish is hereby granted. From me and AdrianaG (who revised the order of operations in this list):


          Eat this
          - Meat (preferably grass-fed)
          - Poultry (preferably free-range)
          - Fish (preferably wild-caught)
          - Eggs (preferably cage-free)
          - Non-starchy and/or green vegetables (preferably organic; bean pods are okay but beans are not)
          - Avocado
          - Butter (preferably from grass-fed cows)
          - Lard
          - Ghee
          - Coconut oil
          - Coconut milk
          - Olive oil (but not for cooking)
          - A berry (up to a handful)

          YOU CAN AND SHOULD EAT IT. In fact, it should be the backbone of your diet.

          Not that
          - A legume (bean, pea, peanut)
          - A grain (wheat, corn, rice) or made of a grain (cereal, oatmeal, bread, cake, tortilla, pasta)
          - A processed food product
          - A "low-fat" manufactured food product
          - A "low-carb" manufactured food product
          - A "diet" manufactured food product
          - Anything with an ingredient that ends in "ose" (sucrose, glucose, fructose) or that contains sugar, agave nectar, honey, or maple syrup
          - Anything from the center aisles of the grocery store...

          YOU SHOULD NOT EAT IT. Throw it away (unless it's a cleaning or stationery product, in which case use it for its appropriate purpose).

          Eat in moderation
          - Dairy product (milk, yogurt, cream, sour cream, half & half) – whole milk (not low-fat)
          - Nuts (peanuts are not nuts)
          - A seed
          - A fruit other than a berry
          - A starchy or sugary vegetable (carrot, beet, winter squash)
          - A tuber (potato, sweet potato, yam)
          - A nightshade (tomato, bell pepper)
          - Coffee

          - You are trying to lose weight (for dairy, nuts, fruits, starchy vegetables, and tubers)
          - You are lactose intolerant (for dairy)
          - You are significantly inactive/sedentary
          - You are insulin resistant (for dairy, nuts, fruits, starchy vegetables, tubers, and coffee)
          - You want to go 100% evolutionary diet and avoid anything we aren't sure Grok ate
          Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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            I just went cold turkey just over a week ago and stopped eating grains, dairy, and sugar. I wanted a clean slate. I've tried easing into for the past year and never really committed. I'm so glad that I did it. The carb flu was bad, but I just treated it like any other illness. I rested, ate my primal foods, and grouched at my family. The first 4 days were by far the worst. I'm already feeling more energetic, my dandruff is gone, my skin looks less red, and my general bloat is gone. I still think about bad foods, but it's way easier to resist them. I just made a commitment for one month and I'm sticking to it.

            I plan on adding back a little dairy, the occasional bean and rice (I love chipotle burrito bowls), and dark chocolate. I don't want to add back anything wheat related and will go very minimal on sugar, since I've had such a bad addiction.

            Also, I decided to make things simple for myself. I'm only eating meat, vegetables, lower carb fruits, 10-20 tree nuts a day max, a couple tablespoons of coconut oil, and a spoonful of cod liver oil.

            Don't overthink it.


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              MAN, you fuckin RAWK!!!

              thanks to all that have responded... this list will be placed with all other great literary works... on the fridge!

              only problem is, finding some of the free range/orgasmic stuff and affording it... i ll have to make do with what i can get my hands on for now..

              thanks again



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                Watch out for soy products in generally. Unless it's fermented, I'd be cautious. I realized I had a reaction after eating chicken flavored in a teriyaki recipe featuring soy bean oil. Also, my dad made his infamous chicken adobo. The problem here is, the soy sauce he used contained wheat; as I read in the ingredients section. Sure, there are acute reactions for many people, but I'm finding I'm getting more sensitive as I get more primal in my approach. I'd really take an old school Mexican restaurant, sans beans, rice, and tortilla; over a Chinese restaurant, any day.
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                  Add to the DON'T EAT list: vegetable oils like safflower, sunflower, peanut, rapeseed (canola), soy, etc

                  DO EAT: Fruit oils, such as avocado, olive, coconut, and palm

                  also, a good rule for me is I don't eat seeds. Grains are seeds, nuts are seeds, beans are seeds. If it's a seed, I don't eat it. Seeds are evolutionarily designed to not be broken down in mammal's digestion tracks, so they come out the other end and grow in fertilizer. Problem comes in when you grind up seeds and eat them anyway, those chemicals that protect the seed from your digestion can cause some serious issues. So don't eat seeds or anything made with seeds. Plants that are grown from seeds are fine, but seeds are not digestible.
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