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What about quark?

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  • What about quark?

    As nobody in the English speaking world seems to have heard of quark (which really boggles me) I'm talking about this:

    kräuterquark - Google Search

    You know the stuff you eat with potatoes (or on bread). Like sour cream without the sour or tzaziki without the Greek touch. Round here it's really popular and something I won't give up completely no matter what.
    But how primal is it? My guess is that it can't be too bad as it's fatty and relatively low carb (7g per 100g) I don't have a problem with dairy btw.

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    If it's a relative of herbed cream cheese (it seems to be, just yogurt cheese instead of cream cheese), you should be fine.
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      There is a sour cream without the sour?


      I never wanted something in my mouth so badly.

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