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Magnesium overdose? Strange symptoms w/magnesium citrate.....

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    Magnesium overdose? Strange symptoms w/magnesium citrate.....

    Hypermagnesemia is definitely a thing but you won't need to worry about overconcentrations of Mg in the blood unless your kidneys are failing. Normally functioning kidneys do a great job of excreting the excess.
    I don't quite understand what you mean by you've been taking an extra you mean 100% of the RDA? If so, I take that to mean 800mg/day a couple times a week, which I don't think is any reason for concern. I've been taking 1200mg+ a day for a long time to try and deal with symptoms of low Mg and my serum levels are always low- to mid-range when tested.
    Edit: due to varying degrees of bioavailability and your body's ability to absorb the supplement, you aren't getting the whole amount of Mg listed on the label of whatever kind/brand you're taking, either.
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      Originally posted by DFH View Post
      Someone please explain what is Primal about Magnesium citrate?

      If people are using it for sleep, have you considered how nature provides?

      You have a pineal gland that releases melatonin daily when the sun goes down to help you sleep right and wake up right. Modern living disrupts this cycle. We don't sleep when the sun goes down any more.

      I'm not against supplements or anything, but if you want to be Primal, I don't understand why everyone isn't talking about melatonin instead-at least for healthy, restful sleep the way your body was meant to sleep. Nature provides.
      Don't confuse Primal with paleolithic. It is pretty much impossible to live like our paleolithic ancestors. Mark uses what we know about them to give us a guide for living in the modern world. And if he says something is Primal, it is, although it may not be Paleo nor paleolithic. He makes supplements. Magnesium supplements are Primal. Oh, and Mark says all the time to not stay up late.
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        Thank you everyone for your input! Definitely a lot less worried now

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