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Does anyone have a meal plan they'd like to share?

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  • Does anyone have a meal plan they'd like to share?

    I want to start off on the right foot, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Does anyone have a meal plan they use and would like to share?

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    Most meal plans work just as long as you are eating whole foods, removing gluten, and avoiding vegetable oils. It really depends on your goals. What are you trying to accomplish with your diet and have you read the book?
    "If man made it, don't eat it" - Jack Lallane

    People say I am on a "crazy" diet. What is so crazy about eating veggies, fruits, seafood and organ meats? Just because I don't eat whole wheat and processed food doesn't make my diet "crazy". Maybe everyone else with a SAD are the "crazy" ones for putting that junk in their system.


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      I have a large amount of weigh to lose (70lbs) so that is my ultimate goal. I have read both The Primal Blueprint and The Paleo Diet so I know what i'm getting myself in for lol Anyway, I like to plan what I am going to be eating so that's what I asked. Not planning tends to be my downfall when it comes to embarking on changes in my diet.


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        Do you like fish? A great, easy meal is to grab some fresh fish (wild is best, but do what you can, it's not always immediately available), and some frozen or fresh veggies (preferably organic, if available) of your choice.

        If you can get grass-fed beef, lamb or goat, I'd encourage you to give it a try. It doesn't suit everyone's taste, but I find it pretty darned good. Make a meatloaf with ground meat, crushed pork rinds and whole milk or cream, serve with veggies. That's a good meal, too. Or a good primal breakfast with bacon, ham, eggs, etc. You can make a giant omelette, or Mark would suggest a big salad. Or there's a primal taco seasoning recipe on this site that I put over shredded lettuce and serve with cheese. That's all good, too.

        There are so many possibilities out there for you. It's going to largely depend on what you like and what you can get. I understand what you mean. It's easiest for me to just make a list, go shopping, then look at it while I'm trying to decide on dinner for a given night. Don't get overwhelmed by this link, but here are a few thousand recipe ideas for you: Primal Blueprint Recipes on Mark’s Daily Apple | Mark's Daily Apple

        I don't know exactly what to tell you, since I don't know exactly what you might like, but maybe some of these recipes will leap out at you?


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          Here is what I eat most days:

          Meal 1 - 2 free run eggs and 2 slices naturally raised bacon

          Meal 2 - large salad of mixed greens, 1/4 of an avocado, cucumber and maybe other veggies if they're around, topped with 2 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar plus a protein - today I'll have grilled chicken drumsticks, yesterday I had canned wild salmon, sometimes it's tuna or pork or beef

          Meal 3 - either I make a recipe out of one of my Primal cookbooks (we love the pork fried cauliflower rice from the new book and the beef and broccoli from the old book!) or if I'm keeping it simple we do a piece of meat and a side of veggies. Yesterday we did fried perch with broccoli (steamed the broccoli then added butter and garlic). The other night we BBQ'd some chicken souvlaki and some orange and yellow peppers and onions.

          I rarely snack but if I do it's some nuts, a square of dark chocolate and the odd time some berries. I am still working on fat loss so that's why there isn't much fruit in my diet right now but that will hopefully change soon . Good luck!


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            Breakfast: Meat + Eggs
            Lunch: Meat + Veggie + Healthy Fat
            Dinner: Meat + Veggie + Healthy Fat
            Sometimes Snack: Usually avocado or a tablespoon of coconut manna

            I just vary the meat or the veggie for variety. Steak and asparagus, Pork chop and cauliflower, chicken and broccoli, lamb and salad, fish and brussel sprouts, duck and mushrooms, the combinations are endless! Vary the fat from butter, tallow, macadamia oil, olive oil also changes the flavour experience. Sea salt adds loveliness, as do different spices for the meat.