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Fage yogurt sugar grams

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  • Fage yogurt sugar grams

    I recently posted a question asking why dairy was considered a primal gray area. I stated that I'm not lacto intolerant and don't get gas or bloat from eating it. I don't drink milk and only cook with it when called for. Mostly my dairy is eggs, butter, yogurt and cheese. For the above reasons I was told it was ok to eat dairy. I was reading the ingredients on a carton of Fage yogurt. Non-fat milk is the only ingredient. Looking at the nutrient breakdown I see 6 grams of sugar per 1/2 cup serving. I regret that the yogurt is fat free but it is all our local super markets carry and I really prefer Greek yogurt. My question is where does the sugar come in? Is it just part of the milk? Will eating a serving every day effect my ongoing weight loss?

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    Milk in and of itself has sugars in it (in the form of lactose). A serving of regular 1% milk has something like 13g of sugar in it.


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      1. Eggs aren't dairy.

      2. The sugar is lactose and comes from milk. The full fat has a lesser percentage if calories from the sugar than fat, but neither are ideal if you're trying to lose weight. Dairy is designed, so to speak, to enable growing mammals to put on weight. If you're not trying to maintain or gain weight, I'd avoid it, if possible.


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        Is this the type of sugar that will spike my insulin?