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Green Tea Flavanols (EGCG)

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  • Green Tea Flavanols (EGCG)

    I've read a few things about supplementing with EGCG and so far I've only found positives and no negatives. I know I can also just drink green tea but really, I don't want to. So my question is, are there any negatives about EGCG?

    I'm mainly doing it for weight loss. I'm in losing my last few pounds and from what I've read EGCG will help on a few things here. Apart from that though it seems to do more good things. I can buy 600mg capsules with nothing else added. I plan on taking two a day. Right before breakfast or lunch and right before dinner.

    Your thoughts?

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    hmm dunno but i drink two cups green tea at breakfast and 2 at dinner. I like the way it makes me feel. I use the caffeine free kind though.
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      Sounds fine to me. To be fair, there is never going to be any research done on negative effects of EGCG, who is going to make money off of that, but in controlled trials it looks like nothing but good.
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