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  • damn desserts

    I went to an indian restaurant with some friends, I didn't eat (cause I wasn't hungry) but when it came to dessert time...they insisted and I finally gave in and ate a large serving of some sort of pudding (forgot what you call it). It was really high in sugar and covered in some caramel sauce. This is the first sugar/desert I had in 3 months and I'll probably be out of ketosis.

    How bad did I screw up?

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    It's ok... it's called life. I just went to a birthday party today and experimented 5 or 6 desserts and focused on 2 or 3. I probably ate 4000 calories in one sitting. I'm stuffed as hell and I'm still alive.

    I have one of these every 2-3 weeks or so. Don't worry about it.


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      We can't say for sure, but just get over it and don't worry Won't kill you!


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        Your probably going to go into anaphylactic shock, possibly have a heart attack, and will need an epi pen to get an adrenaline rush to keep you alive... or you will be fine, I forget. Lol. I'm pretty sure most people cheat and still obtain great health/ body comp results.


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          If it was creme brulee or creme caramel, I'd be all over that

          Just get back to the straight & narrow tomorrow. You'll live. I think.
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            Originally posted by belinda View Post
            If it was creme brulee or creme caramel, I'd be all over that

            Just get back to the straight & narrow tomorrow. You'll live. I think.
            Yep, that's it. It was half a plate of both creme brulee and creme caramel (don't even like it).


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              It made me laugh reading that you caved to dessert at an Indian restaurant. Even when I *loved* desserts, Indian restaurants didn't tempt because their desserts just weren't that great. Love their savory food, sweet not so much. Sure hope when I decide to indulge, it will anywhere but Indian

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                Don't sweat it! One insulin spike isn't a disaster. In fact, we (my family and I) just went out to Maple View Farms outside of town where they make wonderful ice cream. I had an ice cream sundae. YUM! Of course, that's the only big sugar intake like it that I've had in weeks. I know it will give me an insulin jump and could stimulate a bit more appetite later (or send me napping sooner), but I'm aware of that and will make sure I compensate. I do something like that once in a great while, but I'm still sitting at a very healthy weight (unlike before dropping grains when I was 25 pounds heavier).

                Like Mark says in the book: aim for 100%, but recognize that 80% is generally good enough.
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