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What do people actually eat?

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  • What do people actually eat?

    just a thought i have read the primal blueprint book and i bought the cook book recently but one thing i thin would make a great addition (as Mark always looks in such great shape) would be what he eats on an average week and also what his personal training schedule looks like.

    Does anyone know any of these details?

    If not then what about anyone out there that has built up a similar (or dare i say) better physique whilst following the blueprint diet? Would they be willing to put up what they eat on an average day and what their actual training program look like? I think it could be a great learning experience for everyone and i could certainly do with some pointers,

    Look forward to seeing some examples and maybe some photos if people are willing to post?

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    Mark posted a typical week for himself not too long ago: A Week in the Life of Mark Sisson | Mark's Daily Apple

    As some of you know from previous threads, I follow Leangains. I'll try to give a brief overview. I train 3-4x/week using 5/3/1 as a guide (but doing weighted chins/dips in place of benchpress). I do 2-3 reverse pyramid sets after the 3 main sets and then do 3-4 assistance exercises for 3 sets each.

    On workout days, I fast until I take 10g BCAA pre-workout, then I break my fast with lots of potatoes and lean meat. I also eat some lowish-fat dairy and fruit as part of the post-workout meal most days. A few hours later I have a typical Primal meal (usually eggs and veggies).

    On rest days, I eat lots off veggies (usually a Big Ass Salad) and fattier cuts of meat, but I try to keep my overall calories a little lower than on workout days.

    I might post some pics later. I have some buried in the before and after thread somewhere.


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      thanks for your input yodiewan its much appreciated i will give this site a look and a read and i will have a look at that link to marks week as well that could be interesting, appreciate your time in posting


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        A lot of people post those sorts of details in their journals... I bet if you spent some time wading through there you'd find a lot of food and training records to help you out.
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          Good topic-

          I bet everyone has different answers, which is cool because PB is flexible and works for big people wanted to get normal and fitness types wanting to tune up.


          -Walnuts, fish, eggs cooked in olive oil, a bit of Romano cheese, or veggies.

          -Snack on tuna or salmon mid morning to keep from being hungry later.


          -Almost always a salad, be carefull with salad dressing.


          -Any of the above, plus celery and natural peanut butter or hummus, grilled fish, fresh chicken or turkey, veggies with a low GI (no potatoes or carrots). I like to get a package of fresh chicken or turkey and grill enough for the week.

          -Healthy spices- A lot of specialists recommend basil, turmeric, and paprika.

          That is just about everything in the cupboard or fridge. You don’t need to eat much in the evening and won’t want to if you stick to the above. I skip dinner or just have a light snack in the evening a lot. I think my breakfast would be considered light relative to most people, and I plan on having some tuna or salmon mid morning. Then I'm not into a big lunch and not hungry in the evenings.

 My Diet and Plan

          I'm an ex-big person (was in 4X shirts before) and working out is counter-productive. I never did figure that out, so I don't worry about it.


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            Nom Nom Paleo
            This is a great site for just what you are asking for.


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              Green onion sausage from the local butcher, creamed kale


              bone in sirloin from a local rancher grilled and topped with homemade chimmichuri sausce, roasted broccoli


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                I eat real food consisting of lots of vegetables (yes and starchy vegetables like potatoes and squash), meat, eggs, fish, and some dairy/nuts/and fruit (because too much of these hurt my stomach). I eat rice if it is there, since I believe it is a safe starch. I eat fat liberally but don't go crazy adding it to everything. (and i looooove butter). I am also active if that makes a difference. The main things to avoid are, in my opinion, 1) excess polyunsaturated intake especially omega 6 (vegetable oils mostly) 2) grains and 3) excess fructose