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Cholesterol, statins and reversing side effects like memory loss

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  • Cholesterol, statins and reversing side effects like memory loss

    Hello All

    I'm a lurker who spent immersing myself on this site and these forums, benefitting greatly from the collective wisdoms of all the Groks and Grokettes. I'm hoping to get some input into my mom's cholesterol condition which she's had since 2004.

    Im currently conducting a low carb experiment on my family whereby both parents and my sister, convinced by my success, are giving it a go. Everyone is seeing results, which is super motivating.
    For my sister its a matter of vanity but for my parents their motivator is health.

    Im especially concerned for my mother. She is 57 years old, 5'4, has been overweight most of her life and was hovering at 176 pounds as of a month and a half ago. She always cooked at home using good ingredients but is a major carboholic. She has both high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes and is on medication for both (metformin and statins).

    I think the co-morbidity aspect of her diseases really got her down and pretty much caused her to give up for the longest time. In the interests of tracking and monitoring her numbers while on low carb , I got her lab results for the last several years (obviously with her permission) from our doctor and my opinion is that she should have never been put on statins in the first place. I say this after reading as much as I can about cholesterol from this blog, Dr Eades, Dr William from heartscan, Gary Taubes, etc....

    My mother recalls both a pharmacist and a nurse telling her the same thing when she first got diagnosed. Of course, she put her trust in the doctor and faithfully, albeit reluctantly, took her statins which have given her muscle pain, impacting her three times a week walking session and much more worryingly, the start of memory loss. Shes noticed as have we.

    Here are her numbers in both international and US units:

    Year 2004

    Total Cholesterol: 6.24 mmol/l (242 mg/dl)
    Trig: 0.93 (82)
    HDL: 1.76 (68)
    LDL (Friedewald) : 4.1 (157)
    Total/HDL: 3.55
    Glucose fasting: 8.1 (unsure of American conversion)

    Year 2011

    Total Cholesterol: 5.37 mmol/l (208mg/dl)
    Trig: 0.98 (87)
    HDL: 1.99 (77)
    LDL (Friedewald): 2.93 (113)
    Total/HDL: 2.7
    Glucose fasting: 12.9

    My question is did she really need to ever go on statins? Also, can the side effects of statins be reversed if she goes off them? The brief flashes of memory loss are freaking her out. This from a woman with incredible memory.

    My mother always was far more concerned about her cholesterol levels versus her diabetes, whereas I am the opposite, and I know if somehow we can lay the cholesterol issue to rest and get her off statins it will be a huge load of her shoulders and she can really devote her time on lowering her blood sugar. Im focused on bringing her blood sugar down and as of today shes at 9.4 which is a noticeable improvement.

    Your help and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to Dr.Rosedale's Website

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      in the US they would have pushed statins for her too. so in that sense, yes her cholesterol was high enough that they would recommend them..."needing" them is another matter. I would say, as a random stranger on the internet not a doctor (lol) that she should get off them. I think those side effects are alarming. Also, for a female with no previous heart attacks, I don't think they are really warranted. Read The Cholesterol Myth. That author (I think) and some other researchers don't even feel that high cholesterol is as much of a risk factor for women as it is for men.


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