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Protein and blood sugar

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  • Protein and blood sugar

    If you eat 3lbs of meat everyday, half a stick of butter, 3tblspn of coconut oil, half a plate full of basic vegetables (bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach which is less than 40carbs), is it bad?

    There's obviously too much protein (I think 3lbs comes out to 150g of protein).

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    Can you reasonably eat 3 lbs of meat, half a stick of butter, 3 Tbsp of coconut oil and half a plate of veggies without feeling like crap?

    Maybe I'm underestimating what I eat every day, but that sounds like a lot of food. Are you eating until you're full or eating until you're satisfied an no longer hungry?


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      Yes, I haven't noticed any side effects except the need for a ton of water. However, I only eat 2 meals a day with at least 8-10 hour fasts in between.

      I'm guessing the insulin response from protein is just as bad as carbs long term.


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        Three pounds pre-cooked weight? That's about 20% protein by weight I think. So you're looking at 1360g total meat of which 272g would be protein. I based this on raw beef round. I'm sure it varies by cut. I don't think I could eat nearly that much. Maybe my husband could, but he'd be pushing it.


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          I just double checked the packages and it comes out to 2lbs pre-cooked. I buy packages of lamb shoulder arms which comes in a pack of 2 and it says the net weight is 0.98lbs. Most days I eat 2 packages so that's around 2lbs. I also cook this in half a stick of butter or 3tblspoon of coconut oil with some vegetables. One nutrition site says 1lb of lamb shoulder is 100g of protein so that's 200g.....surely that's too much?

          My main question is that if high insulin response is bad and protein causes an insulin response, what happened to the hunter gatherers who ate the whole animal?
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            Health Correlator: How much protein does one need to be in nitrogen balance?


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              Low-Carb for You: How Can Eating Excess Protein Raise Blood Glucose?

              This link says the opposite. Excess protein that is not used for energy is converted to glucose and then to fat.

              Both of which doesn't make sense if hunter gatherers ate whole animals almost every day?


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                That seems really low. Maybe I'm doing the math wrong, but it says I should only be eating about 2.5 ounces of meat each day. That's pretty much the standard "deck of cards" amount, which isn't much.


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                  Mark lays out a formulaic response in the PB. I'd only be careful, if it makes you feel funky; I'd also look into buying test strips - getting your blood checked, if possible. I suppose, if necessary, you can space out your protein intake a bit more. You also have to look into this idea a friend of mine discussed: Poultry isn't reputably as prone to the associated fears with over consumption of protein. If eating something like pork, or beef, you'd want to try eating something like Kale to kind of bring your levels down. That's what he said to me. I haven't verified it personally, but I tend to really outdo myself on veggies. I hope it balances it out. But, for myself, I technically could take my own advice into consideration when I look at my protein intake. Typically, I'd have a pound of beef a day, and six eggs.
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