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  • My B-day present

    Today is my b-day and my friends know I avoid processed carbs like the plague so I came in this morning to find all this on my desk haha. What should I do with all these carbs???

    My coconut oil and fish oil capsules are sitting right behind it all.

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    Although I will admit that now the rice krispie treat is gone, all me .

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    Sounds like my birthday here in the office. I just called off sick on my birthday and all my co-workers ate it all.


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        Where I work, if I left that on the break room counter, it would be gone in 60 seconds. That's what I do with leftover desserts from family parties. None of us want them in the house.


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          I would chow the hell out of the snowballs and swiss rolls- it's your b-day I wont judge!
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            Laughing out loud. I'm assuming your co-workers meant it all in good fun, in which case they're the kind of people I have for friends. Never a dull moment 'round that bunch


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              At least the pound cake has butter in it

              My birthday is on Thursday. I've taken the day off! If I splurge, it will be with a round of golf and some ice cream.
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                Well, the same evil people that fill our snack machine must fill yours too. Who the eff is Mrs. Freshley anyway? I never touched that crap even before primal. (and Happy B'Day)
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                  Have a Birthday Bonfire!
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                    Happy Birthday! Mine's on Monday, so I'll be awaiting what's to come via family. I also have a little group celebration featuring other birthdays in addition to mine; I won't have many food choices there!! At least, my folks are slowly accepting my no grains deal..
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                      why does anyone in the office know it's your birthday? That's mistake #1.

                      and re: the poundcake - whoever thinks it's actually got butter in it is gonna be sad to see its real yukko ingredients which undoubtedly reads like a bunch of chemicals, no butter in there, i'm sure of it.