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Where could you get sweet potato seeds/slips in Europe?

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  • Where could you get sweet potato seeds/slips in Europe?

    I'm interested in any sweet potato, but especially the purple Okinawan/Hawaiian variety.

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    You can use shop bought sweet potatoes. -> How To Grow Sweet Potatoes? Growing Sweet Potatoes The Easy Way
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      It's called 'Kumara' in New Zealand, i can find it occasionally at Asian supermarkets.
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        I'm still looking to buy them from someone who ships to Europe.


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          Are you specifically wanting to grow them or do you think it will be easier to grow than to buy them? Do you have oriental/ethnic markets in Portugal? That would be your best best for the potatoes themselves. The only other advice I can think of is check the BBC gardening website or magazine. They may have info on where you can buy seeds mail order that would ship to mainland.
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            This Dutch website will ship to anywhere in Europe: Vreeken's Zaden It's all in Dutch, but click on "Eetbaar Knollen" then the second link "Rest Eetbaar Knollen". If you email them they'll definitely speak English (almost everyone there does).

            Also, check this page of online seed catalogues. You may find something else.
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              How will you grow them? Have you thought about container growing? Growing Potatoes in Containers - Find Out How to Plant Potatoes in Smart Pots
              I'm using Smart Pots (and Grow Pots, another brand) this year for the first time because I'm letting my garden rest.