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3 month expirement

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  • 3 month expirement

    I started primal about 3 months ago, I would say 90% of the time, I am on with the diet. No grains, limites sugar (a few beers a week and an occasional ice cream) , no deep fried, etc. I do eat some dairy, cottage cheese, full fat greek yougurt, etc

    I sprint once a week, life moderate-heavy twice a week. I have a crazy life so I havent got too much of the lower level stuff in. I plan on increasing my activity since my work life has calmed some.

    I am 36

    I have had an issue with raising my HDL and lowering my triglycerides.

    3 months ago, my numbers. I was on crestor, trilipix and eating not too good, lots of good microbrews (high in alcohol and malt)

    Cholesteral 165
    HDL 28
    LDL calculated (because triglycerides too high) 96
    Triglycerides 203

    So, i went primal and stopped ALL meds.

    Cholesteral 235
    HDL 32
    LDL calculated (because triglycerides too high) 135
    Triglycerides 342 (these use to be over 700 before any meds 3 years ago)

    So with that being said, I am down 20lbs

    SO i am happy with the weight and the HDL going up a few points
    I understand the cholesteral going up
    I am a little baffled on the triglycerides. But they did not skyrocket after 3 months of no meds, so I am cautiously optomistic.

    I am thinking I need step up the low level exercise and lessening the beer intake more should help.
    Is the dairy hurting me? I love cottage cheese

    I eat lots of veggies (big salads with olive oil for dressing, side dishes) I eat my serving of almonds or almond butter, cocunut milk, fish or steak or chicken at dinner, sardines for a snack once in awhile, eggs for breakfast or hard boiled for a snack, sautee food in butter,wild rice once in awile, apples, berries, sesame and chia seeds...

    Whatcha think?

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    Experiment, not "expirement," which sounds like, well, termination of life...


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      good microbrews (high in alcohol and malt) & a few beers a week
      I love the brews and in Colorado I'm in micro-heaven but this will affect your triglycerides more than the fat.

      Do you take a fish-oil Omega3 supplement? That would also help your trigs.
      Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"


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        How come his trigs are so high even though he is primal 90%? Could it be the beers/ice cream?


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          Could have a rebound from stopping the statins maybe.


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            Originally posted by Waskydiver View Post
            Could have a rebound from stopping the statins maybe.


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              Originally posted by Waskydiver View Post
              Could have a rebound from stopping the statins maybe.
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