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  • FroYo

    Alright, so there isn't much on frozen yogurt on this sit(I've searched) except Mark does claim it to be fast food. But is it really something i should avoid? While most people 'indulge' in the nightly glass of wine or square of chocolate i prefer the every few days cup of frozen yogurt. According to most places (Yogurtland - my preferred place) Its 'full' of calcium,probiotics,vitamins, etc. but is it really? I was just wondering if anyone knew a lot about the topic of frozen yogurts and if i shouldn't be eating them. Like is it processed, etc? Thanks
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    I think the biggest concern would be the amount of sugar in it.
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      Yeah, ditto on the sugar content.

      I don't know enough to know if the yogurt cultures remain active at the temperatures required to freeze yogurt, which is really the only thing that might make it healthier than standard ice cream.

      80/20 it as an occasional indulgence.


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        It depends on where you get it. I have a place about an hour away that serves the most delicious RAW frozen yogurt and don't feel the least bit bad about eating it every chance I get.

        My best suggestion would be to find a place that's top quality and that you trust, and don't worry too much about an occasional indulgence.


        Get an ice cream maker and make your own. I plan to, hopefully very soon.