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Almonds, Chocolate, and Cheese

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  • Almonds, Chocolate, and Cheese

    Ok. I'm overdosing. It started out innocently enough a few months ago. Slowly the addictive craving qualities became full blown.
    I'm not sure if I'm asking for advice, or just support, maybe a story of how this happened to you too and how you kicked.
    I'm 90% primal or more. I don't lift enough weights. I do deep tissue body work full time and walk a lot. I'm ready to step up the exercise more.
    Still with the almonds, chocolate, and cheese I've started to put some weight back on.
    Thanks for any input.

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    What is deep tissue body work?
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      I can relate to the cheese problem. I think I crave it because it is my favorite source of fat. I have a hard time finding fatty cuts of meat, plus we just don't eat a lot of meat in my house, so I go to the cheese. It's bad. I'm thinking I might be able to wean down and off it if I start eating an obscene amount of avocado. I need a rich fatty satisfaction., which can only be obtained through cheese in this frufru neighborhood.


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        Grumpy, it's sport massage (may be wrong). That shit hella hurts, my sister use to practice on me and it would leave me sore for days.

        And input? Don't buy those foods anymore. You can't overdose if they're not in your house. Not trying to be rude, but that's how it works for me. It's totally easier to walk by it in the store, than to walk by an open container on your counter.
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          You can buy little boxes of Grace Creamed Coconut for less than a buck. They don't call it coconut 'crack' for no reason! It's what I eat instead of cheese (I'm off dairy for now).
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            I bought the most awesome and cheap container of mixed nuts from costco: almonds, cashew, walnuts, brazil nuts, and a smattering of macadamia. I was in nut heaven for a week. I never bought it a again.

            I went on a raw dairy kick: bought a few gallons of raw milk, a few pints of heavy cream, yogurt, and kefir. It was all great. I never did it again.

            In each of these cases, I was backtracked, because I couldn't control myself. In the case of the dairy, I bought too much at once but given the roundtrip cost of $40 of gasoline to get it, I couldn't afford to make weekly trips either.

            The point is, if something is so wonderful it causes you problems, stop buying large quantities of it, or remove it completely. Make it that special thing that you won't willingly get for yourself but are thrilled if you run across small quantities.


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              Well I'm down to a tiny bit of cheese with eggs in the morning now and when that's gone I'm going to take a break and not buy any for awhile. More bacon! Also, I've been buying only two handfuls of chocolate almonds at a time (dark chocolate) so I can only eat that many.
              When my TOM is over this go around I'm going to go no chocolate, dairy, nuts for a few weeks and see how it goes. I already don't eat fruit but have indulged in some BBQ sauces lately. I'll try to find a primal style sauce that will work on ribs.
              MEAT, EGGS, VEGETABLES for me.... after this weekend. all in all I'm pretty stoked on my program.


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                Wouldn't it be more wise to eat all the fruit you want instead of all the dark chocolate? You don't seem to be consuming large amounts of chocolate anyway. You can have both.

                Go for a few weeks with fruit and dark chocolate, then another few weeks with just fruit and diary and other few weeks with fruit or almonds or any other combination of 2 treats you enjoy (not necessarily with fruit), like diary and almonds, or diary and chocolate. That'll be easier as a transition and you won't have 3 at the same time.


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                  Originally posted by JPA View Post
                  Wouldn't it be more wise to eat all the fruit you want instead of all the dark chocolate? You don't seem to be consuming large amounts of chocolate anyway. You can have both.
                  Chocolate actually shouldn't be a problem if its 85% or higher cacao content. Then it is primarily saturated fat and fiber.
                  Fruits, on the other hand, are primarily sugar and fiber.

                  Guess which one is better?


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                    And a 100g dark chocolate bar is over 500 calories while 100g of fruit are 100 calories at most. A bar of dark chocolate is also much more expensive than an apple.