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Carb cycling vs IF or both?

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  • Carb cycling vs IF or both?

    So after reading chocotacos' post on Carb cycling and personally doing a few days of 8/16 IF-ing a la Leangains, Im wondering if these can be combined in a weekly program or would that be counter productive? Martin's program seems pretty sound and he has the Physical stats to show for it, But from what I understand he refeeds after every workout, with an occasional heavy helping of cheese cake around the holidays.
    Am I right in thinking that doing a primal/paleo diet 6 days a week combined with the 8/16 feeding schedule and then adding a refeed day once a week would boost my leptin sensitivity? or would It be better to consume primal friendly carbs post workout everyday with the 8/16 program?

    Goals are to lose 10-15 lbs around midsection. I do about a 60 min yoga/gymnastics skills workout 6 days a week, occasional sprints.
    Sorry if this has been covered just need some clarification.

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    Leave the high carbs for post strength training. If you are strength training more than 3 times a week on a caloric deficit, you are lifting too often. Martin even says so.


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      I always found carb cycling (and all the variations) to be a large pain in the ass. If I lift heavy things, I eat carbs right after with some protein and low fat. If I am not lifting I don't eat all that many carbs and up the fat. This is while IF'ing 16/8. So I guess its like Lean Gains in that respect.
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        well, i eat a TON in those precious 8 hours, pretty low carb, high fat, med-high protein. my training is more body weight lifts with hypermobility training. Do you still think that's over training? I don't lift weights persay but "I" am a heavy thing. Lots of planks, handstands, and Tons of isometric exercises. Probably more in the realm of Ido Portal style training with the addition of flexibility. Its hard to progress in Hypermobility training if you don't stretch everyday. Still not sure how this fits in to conventional ideas of Training as it uses muscles pretty intensely.


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          This post epitomizes my current approach:
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