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    Phys Ed: Eating Fat, Staying Lean -

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    I think Journalists should be legally obligated to link to their sources of information, at least in the case when they say things like : "one study showed an increase in cardiovascular disease" What study? how about a reference. was there a follow up study? Was that study later proved bunk by another study or faulty data? I always love it when mark does that in his blog posts, It makes it easy to follow the research.


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      i agree. overall this was a great article. --Dr. Stewart also has amassed some intimate anecdotal evidence. For a small pilot study several years ago, he became a test subject, adopting a low-carbohydrate diet and regular exercise routine. For three years, he has maintained both the diet and the workouts. He is 40 pounds lighter these days and, he said, continues to ace tests of his blood-vessel health.--

      i like that part. also she points out that low carb diets are short term results, yes they are "IF" AFTER your low carb diet you loose the weight you want then GO back to eating like a moron

      i went primal in feb 2010
      37% body fat
      38-40 waist

      1 year to the day
      7.8% body fat
      29 waist

      7% body fat
      29 waist