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Primal Fare at Trader Joe's?

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    The apricot stilton is sometimes a seasonal item (available around the holidays), so if you don't find it this time, check back in the fall.


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      reviving this thread 'cause I was curious what people think about Trader Joe's D3, then I started thinking about TJ's, then I was curious what other people are buying there... I was giggling and shaking my head - "too true" - when someone said they have to shop like 5 different places to get everything...

      so here's what I buy at Trader Joes:

      Grass Fed 85/15 ground beef
      Uncured Bacon ends (sometimes these are better than others)
      All Natural Chicken Sausages (vacuum packed, fully cooked - good for emergency protein)
      Omega 3 Cage-Free eggs
      Cheese (raw NZ cheddar, goat cheese, etc.)
      Heavy Cream (no additives)
      full fat yogurt (greek and/or european style)
      Kerrygold Butter (usually a 3:1 unsalted to salted purchase ratio)
      Tomatoes (kumato, vine, plum)
      Avocados (bag of 4)
      Baby Arugula/Baby Spinach/Kale/Spring Mix
      Sweet Potatoes
      Veggies to eat immediately (we've noticed they don't keep as well as we'd like)
      Bananas/Oranges/Apples/other fresh fruit
      Frozen Berries/other fruit
      Unsweetened Cranberry (not from concentrate) Juice
      Light Coconut milk (full fat has JUNK in it)
      Coconut oil
      Olive Oil
      Vinegars (ACV, balsamic, etc.)
      Condiments:mustard, hot sauce, salsas, tapenades
      Canned Tuna/Chicken/Turkey/Salmon
      Raw Nuts & Seeds
      Dried Unsweetened/No Additive fruits.
      Fruit Leather (pureed fruit, no sweeteners or additives) ends
      Almond Butter
      Raw Honey
      Frozen Wild fish
      Smoked wild salmon
      LaraBars & Raw food bars
      Vitamins (does anyone know about the quality of their vitamins? I'm curious)
      Frozen Sweet Potato Puree (ingredients: sweet potato)
      $2.99 wine if I go to the location next to the wine store
      Lots of non-foodstuffs - dish soap, TP, paper towels, toothpaste, dr. bronners, deodorant.

      Also a large variety of not-so-primal goodies for my sweetie (sprouted bread, seasnax, hashbrowns, big bag of chips, cookies, ice cream, microwave enchiladas, basmati and wild rice, unsweetened mayo, etc.), which are better than your average supermarket fare.


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        ^ I would not buy omega 3 eggs. They're a lot worse for you than regular eggs. The chickens are fed unhealthy food sources of already oxidized omega 3 fats.

        Just something to think about.
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          They have dark chocolate almonds sprinkled with sea salt. Not sure if they're primal but delicious nonetheless.


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            Trader Joe's does have Kerrygold (well, usually), grass-fed ground beef, and grass-fed cheeses. All pretty dang good.

            Also, their coconut oil is pretty good and it's organic. They have some good coconut milk brands as well.

            They have one of the best vitamin D3 supplements I've ever encountered. It uses olive oil, NOT soy, corn, or canola. Beyond that, it's just a softgel capsule.
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              They have the cheapest frozen organic vegetables.

              I'm a sugar fiend (darnit) and found "lightly sweetened" strips of dried coconut. WAAAAy too many carbs though.
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                It is good to hear about their D3 supplements, will check that out. I've a list of things I get at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, as I am sure many others do as well...

                Oxide, I've been resisting the strips of dried coconut as I figured it would be like crack - I LOVE coconut!