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  • CocoCeps

    Chocolate and mushrooms?! Sounds gross, doesn't it?
    Madre Labs, CocoCeps Powder, 7.93 oz (225 g), Re-Sealable Bag -
    I just got my first order from iherbs, and they sent me a free sample pack of this stuff. It was pretty darn yummy, and I'm wondering if any of you have an opinion about the benefits (if any) of "MicroFungi".

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    What, you mean NOBODY has an opinion about microfungus?


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      I'd like to hear too. I have two packets of these things from past orders but haven't tried them. Not sure what they're supposed to do for you!

      I'm also not doing nightshades right now, so am wondering if I maybe shouldn't. Hmmmm
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        I guess I need to try that stuff out then. I love how they send free samples with their orders.


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          I don't know about that.
          Quorn products used to claim benefits and well, blech.


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            I got the same samples you guys did, and I ordered the full size. I am now on my second bag. I loved this for a great energy boost in the mornings, but I have not had it for awhile and definitely not since starting Primal lifestyle. I used to warm up a cup of homemade almond milk and dissolve some of the cococeps in it - and I loved it with no sugar just because I like that bitter dark chocolate taste. Maybe bumping this to the top will get some thoughts from others on taking this? I was also wondering about whether this fits into Primal but with very low carbs in a serving (3) and no sugar it seems like a good choice.