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Bulking Muscle with Cream?

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  • Bulking Muscle with Cream?

    Hey guys,

    Wasnt sure exactly where to post this so I put it under nutrition but it could go into fitness aswell, here goes:

    Im new to the forums, but been Primal on and off for about a year, Ive finally decided to stick to it for more than 2 months now, and Ive found it soo much easier and more convenient actually.

    My diet has become 100% more varied, I eat all sorts of Wild fish, all sorts of meat, Lamb, Chicken, STEAK!, Pork/Bacon. I eat Fruit every day I never used to, and with every meal I try to have atleast some veggies, usually peppers, mushrooms, and others. Its awesome!

    Ive found my apetite is smaller now, Im not as hungry as before, and Im satisfied with less, Ive lost fat, my callorie intake is less than before I think but I maintained my weight and since I go to the gym once a week and lift Very Very heave (High-Intensity-Workout) I have gained muscle!

    Back to the Question in the Title.

    We have all heard of the GOMAD idea, where you drink a Galon of Milk a Day to build big muscles, drawback is you build a lot of fat too!

    I dont really want to drink a galon of milk a day, but I would like to bulk a bit faster for the next month.

    I was thinking, Cream seems to be somewhat approved in the Primal thing. And Double Creem has less half the carbs of milk, about 10x more fat, and half the protein.

    Doubel Cream 100ml:

    Calories: 459kcal
    Protein: 1.7g
    Carbs: 2.7g
    Fat: 49.0g

    Milk 100ml:

    Calories: 80kcal
    Protein: 3.7g
    Carbs: 4.7g
    Fat: 5.2g

    1 galon of milk provides 2560cals, that is equivilent to 500ml of double cream, a tub of double is about 500ml, its not too hard to consume over a day (200ml at a time, or with fruit, pretty easy), its cheaper, has less carbs and if you add a scoop of protein powder in there, it can shoot the protein consistency to 5x of milk, and can make an excelent milk/Cream shake.


    1 galon of milk:

    Calories: 2560kcal
    Protein: 140g
    Carbs: 117g
    Fat: 192g


    500ml Double Cream:

    Calories: 2295kcal
    Protein: 8.5g
    Carbs: 13.5g
    Fat: 245g

    The clear winner seems to be the fat! And add 1-2 extra scoop of protein powder into the mix of Double cream, and you get about 40-100g of protein.

    Im willing to try this, as its sticking to the low carb, high fat, high protein trend, but do you guys think this will this build more fat than muscle over a month?

    Its high in fat, (saturated) which is good for testosterone production (muscle growing hormone), very low in carb especially compared to the galon of milk.

    It is a lot of callories, and even in GOMAD (the milk one) it builds fat, and Im not sure this is all due to the carb content bu the extra calories...

    Any thaughts?
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    I think that doing the GOMAD with a lesser amount of cream would be a bad idea. I think the theory behind GOMAD involves getting protein and carbs from the milk as apposed to the fat content. That said, I have not and will not do GOMAD either but YMMV and let us know how it turns out.


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      i personally have had no trouble building muscle with a moderate amount of fat/carbs and protein. personally!

      i went primal in feb 2010
      37% body fat
      38-40 waist

      1 year to the day
      7.8% body fat
      29 waist

      7% body fat
      29 waist


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        Saying 'I want to bulk up over the next month' is a bit worrisome. You can't bulk up in a month. Eat a truckload of vegetables and meat and lift heavy weights for a year, for starters, would be my advice.
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          I also think this is a bad idea. I actually tried it about a year ago. I added a cup or so of heavy cream on top of a pretty hefty Primal menu and I gained more fat than muscle. I highly recommend Leangains. Yes, it's much higher carb, but I have had much better success with this than with getting extra calories from fat.


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            let me rephrase that:

            "I want to bulk for a month, at which point I will stop bulking and go back to what im doing now."

            Im not expecting to get massive in a month, when I say I want to bulk it means I want to go into a phase where I eat lots of callories and gain more muscle than at normal times of the year when Im eating normaly. J just dont want to gain all the fat that comes with GOMAD.

            When meople go on the GOMAD, with the gallon of milk, they have the milk for a month, and then cut it off and go back to normal, the go mad is used when they want to go into a bulking phase.
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              Actually GOMAD is normally used until the trainee's linear gains are exhausted. Doing it on and off for a month is a very odd and counter-productive way of doing things.
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                Originally posted by Primal Fist View Post
                Actually GOMAD is normally used until the trainee's linear gains are exhausted. Doing it on and off for a month is a very odd and counter-productive way of doing things.
                Im just looking for a Primal alternative for GOMAD, to get the same results without the fat gain.
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                  Okay. That's going to be tricky. GOMAD works so well because of the massive caloric surplus that ensures lack of food will never be a reason for the stalling of progress. However, as you've probably figured, it's massively unhealthy, along with all that lovely fat that comes along with it. Also - and this is from personal experience - when you stop taking all that milk and lose some weight, you lose strength as well. More than you'd think.

                  I don't know how old you are, but assuming you're not over 35, this would be my advice to you: recognise that rapid muscle and size (muscular size, not fat) gains are not realistic for people who are not the rare 'easy gainers' or on anabolic steroids. It will take a year or so to get to where you will immediately be recognisable as someone who lifts weights. However, if you're willing to do what hardly anybody does, and actually stick with a decent lifting program and diet for several years (and hopefully more) then in that time you can build a physique that will look outstanding in all company save that of easy gaining steroid users.

                  Commit to it and work your ass off and in two or three years I guarantee you'll be an impressive sight. Just realise that for normal drug-free folk, it takes time and effort and consistency. A few years might seem a long way off, and the progress might seem a little slow (though only if you're expecting mega-rapid results), but stick with it and it really does add up - and you don't have to get fat along the way. GOMAD is for those who want to get as strong as possible as fast as possible, with no other consideration. Health, aesthetics, longevity - these things are not generally considered.

                  So to be specific, my advice would be to stick with a program like the Greyskull LP - which believe me works very well - and eat a ton of meat and vegetables while getting decent sleep.

                  Apologies if this isn't what you were after, but it seems to me your perspective may be a little off.
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                    I agree with Primal Fist. This is going to take a lot longer than you might hope. Even 1 month of a total shit diet/GOMAD won't give you much in the way of muscle gain. Trust me, if building muscle were so easy, I would be frickin huge by now.
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                      I wouldn't bother with the cream. Lot more expensive. If you really need to pack on muscle, then eat everything/workout heavy and worry about losing fat later. Losing fat is much easier than gaining muscle.


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                        The reason GOMAD works so well is that the carb to protein ratio combined with the workout is very anabolic. The reason GOMAD gets you fat is because the carb to fat ratiio is very fattening in the context of so many calories. I think with the cream idea you will really only be getting fat from all the extra calories.

                        I will second Leangains as the best way to put on LBM while keeping the fat off or maybe even losing BF.
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                          Im gaining pretty fine at the moment, Im by no means skinny, Ive been bodybuilding for 5+ years, I know what GOMAD does and Ive used it before, i was just looking for a primal alternative.

                          If you guys really want a weight lifting workout that really works read this book "Body by Science" also go to he trains people in this way and is very knowlegable about these things. I started this workout last summer, and got majour gains in 2 months, but after the summer, I gave up lifting, got a bit of weight and lost a bit of muscle, I only started again 2 months ago, and Ive gotten amazing resluts, muscles are back in shape, still have some fat covering tho, Im just reaching a slight plateou and needed the GOMAD bost but wanted something Primal.

                          Most conventional workouts where you do 3-4 sets working out upto 5 days a week are all based around body builder workouts (Bodybuilder workouts = Steroids, as they are iligal body builders write books, but arent alowed to put that they use steroids.)

                          This type of workout Im on now is amazing. Its like The Primal Blueprint of the Workout World.
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                            I agree with Primal Fist completely. you need to stick to a solid lifting program, and eat plenty of meat and veggies. for years. even if you follow gomad, you are likely only going to gain 3-4 lbs of muscle by the end of the month, if you're lucky. and don't forget the fat gain that comes with that too.

                            some questions for you: how long have you been lifting for? what is your typical workout like? are you still progressing? have you tried increasing your calories/protein from whole food sources yet?


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                              The program I suggested to you is not based around bodybuilding workouts. It's based around powerlifting workouts with a couple of bodybuilding elements thrown in. And if you read my post, I did mention the steroid issue. I'm glad you're enjoying your training right now, though it concerns me that you think two months can get amazing results and that two months is enough time to reach a plateau (it's not). But, if you want to stick with it, by all means do so - however I would advise using increased intensity and adequate recovery time as your plateau-busters, instead of a trip to the shops for a gallon of milk.

                              P.S. I may be wrong, but I just get the feeling you might be a program-hopper. If so, don't be. It's probably the biggest killer of progress in amateur lifting.
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