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3 weeks into a plateau already???

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  • 3 weeks into a plateau already???

    I have been living primal for about 3 weeks and went through carb-flu and lost about 7 pounds! I participate in an hour long high intensity boot camp 3X a week. I eliminated all grains from my diet and all the carbs I eat come from fruits, veggies and nuts (and the occasional bit of chocolate ). I keep a food journal and I am getting between 60 and 80g of carbs a day. I have about 50 lbs to lose total. I feel great but I have been the same weight for about a week now. Is it normal to reach a plateau this soon in the game? If not then what should I do to help break through it. I am in this lifestyle for life but I am starting to get a bit frustrated...esp since I have a wedding to plan and I want to be a fit bride!

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    How many nuts do you eat in a day? Do you eat them all at once or spread out over the day? How many meals do you eat? How many snacks? Do you eat dairy?

    You might try eating slightly more at breakfast and skipping lunch, and ditching the snacks. "Grazing" will just keep your insulin levels up. Dairy is also notorious for interfering with fat loss.
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      plateaus happen, and there can be any number of reasons for them. it's amazing how water retention can have such a dramatic effect on your weight from one day to the next. just keep it primal, and you'll keep losing fat/weight until you've reached homeostasis...which might take a while. the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to bury your scale in the backyard for a couple of months.


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        One week is nothing, you shouldn't weigh yourself more than once a week really. And even when you do that weeks with little or no losses happen. Muscle gain, water weight, etc. Especially concidering your amount of training.


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          What's your calorie intake? What's your estimated calories out? Calories matter. Lower-carb diets really are just lower-calorie diets. Reducing carbs (and going ketogenic) causes water weight loss. That could easily account for your weight loss. The question really is, did you lose any fat? Unless you measure body fat, you have no way of knowing.

          1% of your weight per week is the gold standard of weight loss. 3 weeks in and 7 pounds is probably right at that level or better. Don't fret yet.


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            I would highly recommend measuring yourself -- waist, bust, hips, arms, legs. Do it now... then check them all in two weeks. If you're exercising and eating right, you may see more "movement" here than on the scale due to fat loss but muscle gain.

            Also... pick one day a week and do VLC (20 carbs), then pick another day a week and do an IF (don't eat until 2pm, but eat your normal 50-60 carbs after that). Change it up, don't let your body acclimate to a super-specific eating pattern. After all, hunter/gatherers were always going through different types of foods (or lack of) based on what they had accomplished the previous day.

            And please be patient... weight loss is not linear!
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              I have been listening to my body and I am usually very hungry for breakfast, then not again until around 3. Typically I eat 2 meals plus a snack before bed. I don't snack often and I only eat cheese, not milk or yogurt.

              I know i am eating enough calories because I am not hungry all the time. My body is satisfied. I am not too keen on the going ketogenic part as I heard it may cause hair loss!

              I do get measured monthly at boot camp to track my progress and I have seen results along with the scale.

              Does eating too much fat harm the weight loss process? I love avocados and nuts and I will typically eat one avocado and 1/2 cup of nuts a day in addition to the fat in meats and cheese. I eat plenty of veggies too! My average fat in grams per day is 75.


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                1/2 cup of nuts is probably way too much ... especially if they are salted & roasted in oil. How much cheese are you eating?
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                  Plateau? You're three weeks in. Weight loss will not be linear, some of the 7 pounds was likely water weight. You've lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks and you feel great. Sounds like you're on course, don't weigh yourself so much.


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                    I'm in a similar position though I have not lost as much weight as you. 7lbs is a very significant loss. You are doing great. Just wanted to offer some support!


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                      Thanks! I will cut down on nuts (I already knew I was eating too much...just needed a second party to tell me )


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                        Being in ketosis won't cause hair loss - where did you read that? I've never heard that and would be interested to read more. Hair loss will occur for some from very low calorie dieting, and lack of certain nutrients.
                        Re plateau - what day are you in your cycle this can make a difference to your weight. If you find still not losing take a note of your calories just to confirm amounts.
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                          Originally posted by biogeek84 View Post
                          Thanks! I will cut down on nuts (I already knew I was eating too much...just needed a second party to tell me )
                          Really you don't need anyone else to tell you just go by your own instincts.

                          Have you worked out how much you would need to lose each month to get to 50 pound loss before your wedding?
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