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Help I'm losing weight (I really shouldn't)

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  • Help I'm losing weight (I really shouldn't)

    Hello everybody,

    I'm fairly new to this paleo thing, but I'm enjoying the benefits. My average energy-level is just a bit higher then before and more constant. That is for me the biggest difference.

    But I am losing weight and I really shouldn't. This morning I noticed that I just went under 54 kg, with 1m72 that gives me a BMI of 18.

    I don't eat less then before paleo, on the contrary. I've never had a sweet tooth, so leaving the sugar is easy. Having more energy makes me also do more around the house. And I'm able to do morning runs, that's new. But I make sure to have a high energy breakfast after, like today: bacon and eggs. So maybe I should pay attention to consuming more fat ? Or is this a period of adaptation and will I gain weight again after my body has completely adapted ?

    I really would appreciate anyones advice, thanks.

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    As you're underweight, you could include some dairy (yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, hard cheeses), avocados, fatty meats (not like lean turkey or ham), a few nuts here & there, sweet potatoes...
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      Please provide more details. Especially your diet and snacking habits both before and now. Typical meals, how much of each food.... it may help to track using something like fitday or to get a ballpark figure of how much you really are eating. It's not going to be absolutely accurate because natural foods vary especially in fat content of meat, but a general idea is probably all we need.

      Without any more data my first guess is that you may be under-eating. This way of eating is a potent appetite suppressor for some people, and combined with the reduction or elimination of traditional snack foods it's easy to not get enough calories. My own experience is that I need to consciously add fat to my food somehow as recently I've been eating less meat overall and a lot of what I have been eating is fish which I find to be very satiating despite (or more probably, because of) being quite lean.


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        Losing weight means you're expending more energy than you're taking in. If you were maintaining before Primal and now you're losing, you've decreased your input, increased your output or some combination of the two. Unless you have some accurate data on how much you were eating before and now after starting to eat Primal, you'll have no idea what happened.

        Easy answer to weight loss: eat more.


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          Yep, if you haven’t switched your activity levels now, primal tends to be a lower calorie diet (when compared to a standard American diet, or any diet that regularly includes refined carbs: breads, pasta, etc) not to mention the effect it has on insulin and all that good stuff.

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            I used to eat lots of potatoes and bread (european diet). I have no more bread and cookies but for potatoes I use the 80% rule.

            Now my breakfast consist often of nuts and seeds with goji berries and fruit. Or a salad with meat, or eggs with vegetables.
            The other meals will consist of lots of vegetables (warm or cold) with meat or fish. Baking is with coconut butter, on salads I use oils (the good ones, yes I read the book
            I love to snack on fruit, olives, dried tomatoes in oil, dried meat and an occasional piece of dark (80% cacao) chocolate.
            Dairy is not an option for me, my bowels do not agree.

            Because I really do not want to get skinny, I just ate "normal" at a family party. (Bread, potatoes and 2 servings of ice-cream) But I feel so tired now, my body feels "slow". So that's not an option anymore.

            The suggestion of consciously adding fat is interesting. Maybe I need to add some butter on my meat.
            Under-eating is probable, I first get a noisy stomach before I go looking for a snack. Maybe I should have snacks ready throughout the day, then I might snack more.
            Sweet potatoes and butter, waw that would be a treat. But aren't they high in carbs? Would that be for once a week or so ?

            I guess I should indeed pay more attention to what and how much I eat.
            Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help.


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              If you're not trying to lose weight, you shouldn't worry about carbs. It's very hard to over do it on carbs without grains, unless you are specifically trying to lose weight. If you're just maintaining, don't worry about even a few sweet potatoes a week.

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                I experienced a similar, undesired weight drop several weeks into primal (I'm around 2 1/2 months at the moment). I was very surprised--I attribute it to a couple of things:

                1) Water weight. I have not read up on exactly why this happens but I've heard that when going lower-carb, you lose water weight at the beginning. This can drop your weight by several pounds, but it doesn't mean you lost any actual fat.

                2) Adipose fat being consumed. This is probably good, whatever you weigh--adipose/belly fat seems to be strongly linked to mortality. I noticed my abdomen got a bit flatter suddenly. I never had any flab there but there is a certain amount of bulk that adds up internally (I think it's the fat around your organs if it doesn't manifest as flab) that fell off after about a month away from sugar. I never worried about that slight bulk but I always kind of noticed it a bit, too. Fructose directs the body to store fat here, according to experiments, so cutting it out is what I attribute it to. I see this more as body re-composition than actual fat loss.

                3) Not eating enough. I am definitely less hungry eating like this. I like this a lot better than compulsive cravings, but it does mean I ate fewer calories than I realized for several weeks, which led to some body fat not being replaced as I used it up. I actually had to revise my idea of the early weeks I realized I had to stand in front of the fridge and look at food to see if I was really hungry. If I started gobbling something and dipping it in whipped cream, I was hungry. Like others have recommended, tracking a couple of days on a nutrition tracker can show you if you're undereating. Or, honestly, just make yourself some food at a regular mealtime, even if you don't feel that hungry. If you have to force-feed yourself, stop. If you eat it, good. Try not to rely too heavily on veggies to fill you up--concentrate on fat or protein first.

                I haven't quite gained back the couple of pounds that I want but for the moment I feel energized and healthy, never tired or deprived, even if I'm a bit skinnier than I'm used to. I don't count carbs in general (and am not really low carb)...I trust my hormones will balance out now that I am not daring my metabolism to keep up with poisonous foods.