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Major intense pain

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  • Major intense pain

    Ok so before going primal, I had stomach issues on and off for about 3 years. This included bloating, gas, constipation/diarrhea, and on occasion random doubling over in pain. I have been to doctors, taken over the counter medicine that never worked, was tested for celiacs disease, had an endoscopy, but they never found anything actually wrong. After going primal about 3-4 months ago, my stomach feels so much better. Once in a blue moon, I will have some issues but not nearly as frequent or intense as before - until today.

    This past weekend, I totally went off the primal diet. I went to a party on Saturday, drank a little too much, had two rainbow cookies, (my favorite!) a brownie, some candy and a bowl of cheerios at night. Ok so I haven't done that since I've been primal, it was one day. Fine. Get over it, new day.
    Sunday, I found myself SO hungry all day long. I was good up until dinner when I was at a friends house and they wanted me to try their homemade vegetable pizza. They're a big italian family and I felt bad turning it down because they wanted me to try it. I had three squares of that. So weekend=fail. Again, get over it. New day.

    Today, I had two eggs, an egg white, pepper, mushrooms broccoli, salsa and soy meat crumbles. I know the fake meat is not primal, and I never eat it anymore, but we had it in the freezer and I wanted to add it in. I had coffee, and also organic hazelnut butter. About five and a half hours later, my stomach was growling and I was pretty hungry. (I know many people say they lost that "when I'm hungry I HAVE to eat" feeling after going primal, but I still get those feelings. So it was kind of painful being so hungry.) However, I was not at home and I was in the car. All of a sudden, I go to get out of the car and I have a SHARP INTENSE pain in my right side. It felt like something was stinging and ripping inside of me. I couldn't stand up. My friend was in the car with me and I told her I couldn't move because it hurt when I did. I had to wait there for about five full minutes, tried to breathe in, and wait for the pain to go away. Every time I tried to sit up, it hurt so badly.

    Does anyone have any idea what happened? I know this might be vague because I guess it really could be anything. Has anyone had severe stomach pains and know what to do? I would greatly appreciate any advice or insight. Thank you!

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    I'd say it wasn't the gluten. While the time till response varies a bit in people if you have an active response to gluten consumption it's probably going to happen within the first 24 hours. If sharp pain was accompanying gluten reactions there's no way you'd be done with it in just a day. Those pains go on for days till they start dieing down.

    Aside from that however it does sound like you ate a large number of various items that could cause pain. Might be worth it to stick to clean eating for another week and then reattempt one at a time some of the things you've eaten in these past 2 days. W/e leads up to a reaction you might want to be more diligent about avoiding in the future.
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      Could be appendicitis, gallstones, kidney stones, diverticulitis, pancreatitis

      Abdominal pain: Causes - (lists specific regions of abdominal pain)


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        I have found that, sometimes when I eat something I shouldn't, the food kind of gets... stuck. I know, it sounds odd, but it doesn't really slide through like everything else. Once it gets through the sticking point, it's fine.

        Yeah, I know. It's weird.


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          My vote would be the soy. Soy is a legume, and like any other legume can cause gas and bloating, and gas can get stuck and become VERY painful. If it's sharp and painful and feels like you can't breathe for several minutes but then goes away (and the going away bit is important) then my money would be on gas, and legumes are notorious for making gas.

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            My vote would be a kidney stone. And since online posters are anything but authoritative sources of information, I think you should get to a hospital and be checked.