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Another lipid profile post :)

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  • Another lipid profile post :)

    I haven't been eating fully primal for very long (was still eating some grains and sugar before a month or two ago) but I have been eating high-fat for some time.

    Anyway I would appreciate some input on my latest test. The breakdown looks great as I understand it, but why the heck is my overall cholesterol so low?? I wasn't fasting either, had eaten a largish breakfast a couple hours before the test!

    Total cholesterol: 156

    Trigs: 54

    LDL: 74

    HDL: 71

    Honestly it kind of concerns me. I am right in the range (under 160) that is associated with all kinds of health issues, including heart attacks, cancer, and even increased rates of depression and anxiety. I'm young and feel good so I'm not thinking I'm going to get sick anytime soon, but.

    I do know my family tends to have low overall cholesterol, but I don't know how it is possible for me to be exceeding my saturated fat allowance as per CW by 1000% or more every day and still have such a low number!