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First week done - update and a question!

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  • First week done - update and a question!

    Hi guys

    Well I weighed in this morning 6 pounds lighter than 7 days ago! Not bad - I'm really pleased and can actually notice less 'puffiness' around my shoulders and neck area! Yeah....!!

    So I know weigh 172 and the goal is 150.

    Now to my question...........I've been eating 3 meals a day for the past 7 days but haven't felt any loss or decrease in appetite really.....

    Breakfast has been either

    hard boiled egg and bacon or berries, whole fat greek yogurt (2 tbps), milled flax seed (2 tbps) and a few nuts


    Egg, avocado and bacon salad.
    Bacon and eggs
    Salad and meat

    Meat and veggies

    I'M HUNGRY a few hours after I had lunch at 12.30 and it's now nearly 3pm and I'm hungry! Maybe a high fat snack would do or maybe I THINK I'm hungry!

    About when does the appetite decrease or should it have done so by now or will it!

    I've always had a big appetite (for carbs and everything else) so if it will just take time to get used to that's ok - I suppose I'm looking for reassurance!

    Thanks in advance!


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    my advice is have raw unsalted nuts on hand. its a healthy fat and great snack for when your hungry. throw down a handful and a glass of water. if that doesnt do the trick add a hard boiled egg and it should. make sure and have snacks like raw nuts and hard eggs handy so you dont go running for the vending machine. just my advice, it works for me eveyday. also keep in mind your body needs to adjust, its a new lifestyle. you might be hungry here and there at first until your body adapts to the new amounts of food. just stick it out!

    by the way 6lbs in 7 days is great. most of its water and junk so make sure and measure yourself and dont get discouraged by the scale if it doesnt tip 6lbs every week, the lighter you get the harder it is to burn but its still possible.

    i went primal in feb 2010
    37% body fat
    38-40 waist

    1 year to the day
    7.8% body fat
    29 waist

    7% body fat
    29 waist