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Need help interpreting these blood chemistry profile tests

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  • Need help interpreting these blood chemistry profile tests

    My family is going through the process to get life insurance and disability insurance (for estate planning and business purposes). My son and daughter's test results just came in the mail and we need some help to understand what's what.

    Son, 26

    Triglycerides: 57 MG/DL

    Cholesterol: 392 MG/DL

    LDL: 271 MG/DL

    HDL: 109 MG/DL

    Chol/HDL Chol ratio: 3.6

    Glucose: 78 MG/DL

    Daughter, 24

    Triglycerides: 53 MG/DL

    Cholesterol: 214 MG/DL

    LDL: 122 MG/DL

    HDL: 81 MG/DL

    Chol/HDL Chol ratio: 2.6

    Glucose: 68 MG/DL

    They did tests for all other kinds of stuff, but we wanted some input on the above numbers to understand better these results.

    Both are not overweight. We've been Primal Blueprinting for a little over a year.


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    Perfect. They are very very healthy. Their LDL (and therefore total cholesterol) is likely lower than the numbers indicate becuase the LDL is calculated using an equation that only hold true if their triglycerides are over 100. Not that total LDL matters anyways because there is little to no evidence that total LDL correlates with CVD.


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      Unfortunately the one piece of information you really want isn't there. The LDL particle size (percentage of large vs small) is what you want to know. You have to specifically request a NMR profile in order to get the important information, and most clinics will give you a blank stare if you request it. LDL particle size is the leading indicator of coronary disease. Unfortunately many physicians requesting bloodwork don't even know what NMR is. Dr. Davis' blog has a lot of information if you dig a little bit (


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        Thanks for the comments.

        One thing that stands out is my son's 392 total cholesterol level. I hope that the insurance company doesn't have a coronary (ha!) and deem him uninsurable, even though the other numbers are good.


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          I thought total cholesterol is supposed to be under 200?


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            JamieBelle - yes, according to the people who sell us statins. However, there's no correlation with total cholesterol over 200 and heart disease or 'incidents'.