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  • Probiotics? Which often

    Okay so I need a non-dairy based probiotic.....

    I read about Dr. Ohhira's 12 strain probiotics online at iHerb, but I find that it says things like "cramping, constipation or diahrrea common when starting, as your get gets a remodel." Is this considered good for you? It is highly recommended by users at iHerb, supposedly fermented from seaweed/fruit/veggies for 3 years, but......

    So does anyone primal use it? OR Which type of probiotic do you use?

    Daily or just during high stress/sickness?


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    Your best bet is to include fermented foods as part of your diet to get your probiotics rather than supplements.


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      I've started eating sauerkraut (home made, from Sandor Katz' "Wild Fermentation" site), and raw milk kefir. Granted, that is dairy - but there is also water kefir which you could try.

      I don't know, but I strongly feel, that these will be better than any probiotic pill.


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        I've been using BioKult, it's good stuff, got 12 strains and comes in small capsules with only 2 billion CFU per capsule so good for those who need to introduce it gradually. I had mild diarrhoea a couple of days after each time I added a capsule but nothing too nasty.

        I've just ordered the Healthy Origins ones as they're 30 bill CFU and don't contain any maltodextrin (since I am very sensitive to corn). 8 strains of bactoeria. They look good and are more economical now I am taking a larger dose, though I couldn't have started out introducing so much at once.

        I've heard it's good to cycle between brands which makes sense.

        Having said that, if you're just wanting them for general health and not to treat gut dysbiosis, you could just do ferments etc instead. I make water kefir as I'm supposed to be dairy free (lol) and also fermented veggies, sauerkraut etc.
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          Standard Process
          Shelf Stable - Broad Spectrum.

          Take as many per day for as long as you feel you need it.
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              Have you considered Symprove? It's available online from and

              It's a non-dairy probiotic with a water-based solution based on germinated barley, which is a good food for the bacteria to thrive on. Getting some good reviews here in the UK.

              They recommend you take it for 90 days ro rebalance your system and then after that you can decide to stick with it daily or change your frequency of usage.


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                You might want to look at kombucha -- it is a fermented tea beverage that contains a good amount of healthy bacteria. You can even make it yourself, but I buy it from a local producer. It looks kind of disgusting when you read about it, but the stuff I buy tastes great!


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                  I've used both Kyodophilus and Threelac...but would like to steer towards dietary probiotics and cut the spending on pills!
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                    Fermented veggies. As often as you can.

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