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If you could only live on 7 foods, what would they be?

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    1. mixed greens (or baby spinach if that doesn't count)
    2. avocado
    3. chicken eggs
    4. canned salmon
    5. berries
    6. coconut milk
    7. beef (ground beef to steak)
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      Originally posted by Primal Toad View Post
      Sour oranges?! Where do you get those? I am guessing the sugar content is super low compared to conventional oranges?
      LOL dunno! Was from a really small orange tree some family members had with tiny oranges that tasted almost like lemons. I reckon the oranges were just slightly immature (as was the tree) , although they had a nice orange color, and weren't bred for sweetness.


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        Originally posted by DFH View Post
        Scary... I'm nearly allergic. Ever since I was a kid, even going to McDonald's was like a trip to hell. (onions cooked into food)

        Once on July 4, a bunch of us had bags of fireworks and went out to a remote field, and I had snagged a big onion from my roomates. I built up this elaborate structure out of fireworks to blow the onion to bits. My friends just watched all this and said "Whoa, that is got issues dude..."


        XD Jeebus dude.
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          1) chicken eggs
          2) beef (a variety of cuts)
          3) almonds
          4) berries
          5) spinach
          6) sauerkraut
          7) dark chocolate


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            1) Eggs
            2) Liver
            3) Scrapple
            4) Bacon
            5) Potatoes
            6) Strawberries
            7) Beef Stock/Broth
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              Originally posted by Primal Toad View Post
              May you PLEASE tell us why?!?! I am SUPER curious!
              Sorry for the de-rail, but since you asked.

              Many people consider themselves onion-allergic. I'm on a Yahoogroup mailing list called onion allergy and we whine about onions every day. I don't think it is technically an allergy. It's more like an intolerance, like being poisoned.

              The compound that makes onions smell and taste like they do is called a sulphur analog. This is a strong smelling, unstable, and powerful organic compound with an oxygen atom substituted by a sulphur atom. Sulphur is just below oxygen in the periodic table.

              Other sulphur analogs include skunt scent, mustard gas, rotten eggs, and that stuff they mix into natural gas to make it stink for safety reasons.

              I'm not making this up!

              For onion-intolerant people, onions are just another nausea-inducing poison, like the above. I have no idea why some people react to them and some people can eat them.


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                1 Chicken
                2 Chicken Eggs
                3 Dark Chocolate
                4 Lamb
                5 Broccoli
                6 Berries
                7 Almond Butter
                -Connoisseur Guy


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                  1. Salmon
                  2. Eggs
                  3. Buffalo
                  4. Shrimp
                  5. Broccoli
                  6. Garlic
                  7. Coconut


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                    It's not much of a survival situation when you can name what foods you want available.....

                    I would have 3 pigs (a boar and 2 sows) and 4 chickens (a rooster and 3 hens) and live off the eggs and whatever else I could scrounge until the pigs started doffing off little pigs. At the same time, one of my hens would be assigned baby chicken raising duty. When the day finally came that I had little piglets I would commence living like a damn king.


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                      Salmon, Hard Cheeses, Butter, & Coconut Oil are also staples
                      -Connoisseur Guy


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                        & Sweet Potato lol
                        -Connoisseur Guy


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                          Chicken Eggs, Beef(Top Loin), Broccoli, tomatoes, salmon, EVOO, bananas.


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                            Liking this thread a lot, good daydream material for work...

                            1. Beef
                            2. Eggs
                            3. Avocado
                            4. Chicken
                            5. Arugula
                            6. Pork
                            7. Garlic

                            Not particularly in that order but I don't have the hours it would take to break that list down
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                              1. Lamb
                              2. Crab
                              3. Scallops
                              4. Dark chocolate
                              5. Cheese
                              6. Lychee
                              7. Kohlrabi
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                                Beef ribeye steaks