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If you could only live on 7 foods, what would they be?

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  • Originally posted by DFH View Post
    Sorry for the de-rail, but since you asked.

    Many people consider themselves onion-allergic. I'm on a Yahoogroup mailing list called onion allergy and we whine about onions every day. I don't think it is technically an allergy. It's more like an intolerance, like being poisoned.

    The compound that makes onions smell and taste like they do is called a sulphur analog. This is a strong smelling, unstable, and powerful organic compound with an oxygen atom substituted by a sulphur atom. Sulphur is just below oxygen in the periodic table.

    Other sulphur analogs include skunt scent, mustard gas, rotten eggs, and that stuff they mix into natural gas to make it stink for safety reasons.

    I'm not making this up!

    For onion-intolerant people, onions are just another nausea-inducing poison, like the above. I have no idea why some people react to them and some people can eat them.

    I totally hear you on this. I CANNOT even be near onions. If someone is cutting them or cooking with them I need to leave the building, if my husband eats them I get a headache, if someone mows their grass and it contains wild onions and I drive by
    I get a horrendous headache immediately. If I mistakenly eat one oh boy! Last time I woke up in the middle of the night vomiting in my sleep, the stomach pains were debilitating, and "other issues" kept me close to the bathroom for three days. Onions are in everything! I used to be regularly poisoned by them, several trips to the emergency room etc.. until I finally figured out that it was onions causing my lifelong misery. So yes I agree banish onions!

    Sorry for continuing the derail. I never knew others were afflicted by onions too.


    • If health matters:

      Raw milk
      Raw cheese
      brussels sprouts

      If health didn't matter:
      ice cream
      raw cheese
      well then


      • 1.- Eggs.
        2.- Salmon (wild, even if it isn't very pink).
        3.- Double-cream.
        4.- Mazovian pate (offal and fat blended into pate with some veg). If composite foods aren't allowed, I'd love to go for rendered lard/tallow, but liver may be healthier...
        5.- Apples.
        6.- Spinach.
        7.- Sweet tater.

        In order of preference.
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        • oops!
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          • 1. Eggs
            2. Fish
            3. Bison
            4. Macadamia nuts
            5. Blue berries
            6. Potatoes
            7. Butter

            I guess if I had to choose seven foods for the rest of my life, it'd be those, but there'd be a lot I'd miss.


            • In order of preference:

              1. Eggs
              2. Broccoli
              3. Carrots
              4. Dairy (feta cheese, heavy cream, butter, greek yogurt & quark)*
              5. Ground Beef
              6. Coconut products (milk and flake)
              7. Apples (only "Braeburn")

              *Since I've started eating primal one week ago, one of my biggest goals is trying to cut back on dairy products like heavy cream and yogurt/quark. Currently it's hard because I really addicted to them. However, I know for sure that I will never ever manage to stay away from feta cheese because it's the perfect supplement to avocado in my salads.
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              • I know nobody's actually going to read this, so...

                1. Dumplings
                2. Bear eggs
                3. Sweet Potatoes
                4. Camel meat
                5. Chalupas
                6. Long pork
                7. Chicken wings


                • 1. Sweet potatoes
                  2. Beef steak
                  3. Chicken eggs
                  4. Collard greens
                  5. Strawberries
                  6. Sauerkraut
                  7. Coconut milk (tossup btw this and dark chocolate, but I think I can get more mileage/variety out of the coconut milk)


                  • 1. Duck
                    2. Beef
                    3. Kale
                    4. Bacon
                    5. Coconut (including oil and milk--or is that cheating?)
                    6. Chicken eggs
                    7. Tomatoes

                    My journal


                    • 1. Salmon
                      2. Pork roast
                      3. Sweet potatoes
                      4. Dark Chocolate
                      5. Mangoes
                      6. Butter
                      7. Raspberries


                      • Why?
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                        • Do I have to pay for them, because that will make a large difference. If its my 7 ideal foods, something like:


                          Realistically it would be:

                          Pork (mince)
                          White rice
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                          • Originally posted by Timthetaco View Post
                            I know nobody's actually going to read this, so...

                            1. Dumplings
                            2. Bear eggs
                            3. Sweet Potatoes
                            4. Camel meat
                            5. Chalupas
                            6. Long pork
                            7. Chicken wings
                            Read it.
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                            • Beef


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                                2- the birds of the sky(and the land)
                                3- the animals of the field(and forest)
                                4- the small animals that scurry along the ground
                                5- the fruit of the blossoms(and sometimes the blossoms themselves)
                                6- the green herbs and vegetation that is pleasing to eat
                                7- the seeds and the woody spices

                                Of all living things shall be my food.
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