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Nuts, dairy and fruit....inhibiting weight loss?

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  • Nuts, dairy and fruit....inhibiting weight loss?


    I have been a Primal "tourist" for over a year now. I really try to stay primal as much as possible, that being siad, i have my off months. Recently that has been the case. I put back on about 5 pounds after a few months of eating mostly primal but also weekly doses of risotto and pizza as well as beer and the occasional breadstick etc.

    I've now gotten rid of the bread products for the last two weeks, and also the rice, though that is a hard one to give up. But i really would like to lose about 5-10 pounds. Currently I wiegh 137, and I am about 5'4. So, I could stand to lose about ten.

    My main breakfast food is a bowl of chopped up apple, whole milk plain yogurt and a handful of hazelnuts, with or without a dollop of almond butter. Do you all think this is stalling my weight loss? my other meals of the day are super primal. protein and veggy always, and i dont snack. I drink wine on weekends, but could also reduce that if necessary.

    I work out at a gym about 2 times a week plus a big walk on weekends and i walk daily at least 30 minutes to and from work. my gym workout is usually a cross training or circuit class with weights.

    I feel very stuck and unabel to break through to the next level. Shoudl I go all protien or vlc? I am worried about the dangers of that.

    I also use butter and olive oil pretty liberally - could those also be stalling the weight loss I desire?

    Thanks for input. I am trying to get back to primal, get in shape and be healthy.


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    You may get a lot of different answers, but mine would be skip the fruit, do VLC, and more lean protein and less fat (butter,etc) until you get to the weight you want, and no wine.

    I don't think a few nuts hurt that much. I do walnuts for breakfast.


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      Hello invino77,

      I don't have that much experience with nuts - I believe the amounts you're having are ok, but I can recommend a link or two.

      You might want to read this thread : Am i eating too many nuts?!
      And this post : How much nuts is too much nuts?

      Have you tried (intermittent) fasting ? I found it most helpful to optimize weight, as soon as I got on a decent primal diet.
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      Be hardcore, drink water


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        I also had stalled and actually put back on weight. I'd contemplated posting here to ask what to do, but pretty much knew the answers I'd get. My vices were Greek yogurt, nuts, cream, berries, wine and occasional movie popcorn. I stopped those a week ago and started tracking on Fitday. I've dropped 14.5 lbs since then. Some of that isprobably just due to normal fluctuation in weighing, but still amazing none the less. I think I could consume a reasonable amount of any of those things, but since I was stalled/gaining and starting to get frustrated I decided to bit the bullet (instead of the nuts). I am sort of an all or nothing personality type.