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    I was wondering if anyone had some advice for me regarding raising our own chickens. I have noticed that omega3 enriched eggs are preferred. Is there a certain feed I should be giving our six chickens to get the optimal egg out of them or is the grain feed from the tack n feed store good enough? Thanks!

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    I have been raising a small flock of chickens for 6 or 7 years now. When I fed them straight layer mix from the feed store, the eggs were just like store bought. I noticed when I'd feed them garden scraps and bugs, the yolks were darker yellow and thicker. If you can free range them that's best, but a 'chicken tractor' is good, too, if you have a pretty good size yard without any pesticide in it. If you are stuck with keeping them in a coop, give them lots of fresh grass, greens, and as many insects as you can--some people raise mealworms just for chicken food.

    In the winter, I give them free choice layer mix, scratch, oyster shell, and a half head of leaf lettuce every day (for 5 chickens). If you give them straight layer mix, they will lay eggs like crazy for 2 years then quit for a while, if they start back up it's like an egg a week. Feeding them less layer mix will keep them laying for 5 or 6 years, but you'll get 3-4 eggs a week vs 6-7.


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      I've been raising chickens (and now ducks) for four years now. I switched to organic feed and scratch (the regular lay mix is just an assortment of GMO grains, so I decided to stay away from it), but they also free range over our property, so they eat tons of bugs and stuff. They also get kitchen scraps (they will clean out a melon rind to the skin, and love the seeds) and the occasional treat of sardines or anchovies in oil. I've heard that giving them ground flax seed will boast the omega-3s, but I've never done that. I have no idea what the nutrient content of their eggs may be, but the yolks are bright orange and delicious.
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      • #4 has a ridiculous amount of information on their site; everything from different types of coops to suit your situation/property to what to feed them, to dealing with predators, to which breed of chicken will suit you best, etc.

        We've had chickens for a few years now, and they are great! I, too, have noticed that when they are in the coop/run eating only organic feed, the eggs look more like store-bought. When they're roaming in the yard and free ranging, they eat grass & bugs and the yolks are orange!


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          Very good info, thank you. I'll check out that website and try to let them run the yard as often as possible.


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            Lots of greens, bugs and sunshine make good eggs!
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              I will second the Backyard Chickens forum. TONS of info there..... We have a flock of 25 hens, and we don't range them due to the insane number of Hawks we have here on our Properties. They literally lick their beeks waiting on something for a snack. We do have a rather large chicken house, and a big 12x12 enclosed "free roaming" area where they graze on bugs, dirt, spiders, and any yummy scraps that we give them. They have deep yellow yolks, and a wonderful flavor. You can supplement flax seed to their regular feed, and I believe in the forums they will tell you the mixing ratios. I sell my excess eggs at the Farmer's Market and get $3.00 a dozen, and sell out very quickly every week. I have many repeat customers who love our eggs. It's been very fun, and once you get past the initial investment of building them housing and raisng them up to grown hens, they are very easy to keep. You will have alot of fun with it.