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    I eat wild herring pretty much every day, but I've usually thrown away the organs inside it. However, I recently started cooking eggs in the fish, but I always threw away the milt.



    Those fish eggs taste great, but I'm about to eat the milt too. I wonder what I'm getting myself into...

    Wish me luck!

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    Good luck. I eat the livers and hearts from fish I catch but haven't tried roe or milt
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      OK, I did it, but it wasn't very pleasant this time. After reading what this organ really is I probably went to eat it with a bit of disgust. And I definitely need to find some recipes to use it.

      Does anyone have any nutritional data of it? And recipes would be appreciated too.

      But in general, the taste was similar to fish eggs, only a tad different texture as it doesn't contain eggs but is kind of firm. It's sort of salty like herring is.


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        Originally posted by Wikipedia
        Milt is the seminal fluid of fish, mollusks, and certain other water-dwelling animals who reproduce by spraying this fluid, which contains the sperm, onto roe
        .... So... it's fish jizz. That's disgustingly primal. Bravo, sir.

        It's sort of salty
        That's what she said! Oooooh!
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        Meri bilong mi i belhot!


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          Originally posted by Sambo View Post
          .... So... it's fish jizz. That's disgustingly primal. Bravo, sir.

          That's what she said! Oooooh!
          I know, it's kinda gross, but I felt like doing something ridiculous and crazy.


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            Hmmm based on this article maybe prepare like calves liver w/ bacon and onion?

            The Nasty Bits: Cod Milt | Serious Eats : Recipes

            Seems like a good thing to try but I have some perverse attraction to foods that most folks think is weird or funky. I tend to enjoy it too - tripe, stomach, blood sausage, bring it on!


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              Thanks you for the recipe; I bookmarked it to try it the next time. I will provide feedback of how it went.

              Haha; I think we should care little about the social aspect of some things. If organs are good for us, then why throw them away? Especially if there's a way to make them delicious. By the way, blood sausage is amazing.