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New to primal life and trying to fight off irritated colon(anyone else?)

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  • New to primal life and trying to fight off irritated colon(anyone else?)

    Heya primals, i've only gotten into the primal life for a bit over a month now altho it hasnt been full throttle, im a health nut and trying to fight off what i think is an irritated colon back from when i was doing a dozen diff. things to my body after finding out i had intolerances to lactose gluten and sugar! i may have overdone it and my colon just pretty much went fudge you jason lol my biggest symptoms seem to be bloating, sometimes not so uncomfortable othertimes i look pregnant(not pretty as im in shape and very lean) and sometimes i get pressure where my colon is othertimes it seems to be around my pancreas or liver..its so difficult to figure it out! does anyone have any tips for a weak digestive system when trying to go primal? remember my body is having problems with sugar so even veggies and fruits irritate me to a degree! and fat and protein are pretty rough to digest(apparently fat is the worst when your colon is irritated?) could really use some advice thx in advance!

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    Here's my number one tip for problem-solving: track your data.

    That's actually what led me to the Primal Blueprint. I was having several problems (one immediate one was painful acid reflux). I started logging everything I ate, how I felt, how I slept, exercise, water consumption, and whatever else seemed potentially useful. It took very little time for me to find that simple carbs were the culprit. From there I was able to narrow it down to grains and *eliminated* the acid reflux issues in 2 weeks.

    So... track your data. It's the best way I know to pinpoint what it is that's giving you trouble. You may be very surprised by what you find. For example, I found out that what I thought was a hangover from a social gathering was not the drinks but the simple carbs/grains that went with it: bread, chips, and other junk food. NEVER would I have found that without writing it all down.

    Good luck!
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      I had colitis for 5 years so I hope yours doesn't get that far.

      People with any kind of IBS would do well on Primal, especially by eliminating dairy, sugars, refined carbs, wheat/gluten, and frankenfood in general. Some people eliminate things one at a time and take notes.

      Most veggies are unlikely to be the root cause, inflammation is. But veggies can be irritating until things settle down.

      If I were you, I would eliminate the above, and balance protein and fat. Finding out what is the least irritating is trial and error.

      Read up on Vitamin D, B complex, L-glutamine and consider supplementing those. You may also want to try something like Metamucil low-carb for bloating, it may help a lot, may do nothing. it's hard to say.

      Check out Dr Mark Hyman's site and read his stuff on inflammation. Dr Hyman's Website There is a lot to think about.

      Good luck!


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        Hi PTL. Yep, I had much the same issues when I started in Feb, including the confusion about what the actual issues were. Definitely tracking what you eat is a good idea. Metamucil, on the other hand, almost killed me with the pain and bloating.

        Basically I started on a very low allergen diet - mostly gently cooked meats and veggies so they are already very easy to digest. I eliminated all raw foods, dairy, nuts, lightly cooked veges, gas-promoting veges, as well as the grains, legumes, seeds etc. I also stopped processed meats and eggs. Oh, and coconut products and most fruits. And alcohol. And supplements and probiotics. Sounds awful when I write it all out like this, but I didn't mind it because I became comfortable in my body for the first time in years. I skipped meals sometimes just because I felt able to be hungry without pain and enjoyed the sensation, and I also learned to avoid eating when I was stressed.

        Once I was non-bloated, non-constipated and almost pain free, I added back a food. Only one food at a time, small amounts, and at least 3 days between any additions because it can take that long to have a nasty response. I mucked it up periodically by adding more than one food, though! At this point I'm fairly comfortable most of the time, am losing weight (I need to) and am still figuring things out. I've added back bacon, eggs, primal-type sausages, coconut cream in moderation, berries, apples, butter and vit D. I still have quite a few foods to test, but for now I react badly to nuts, seeds, raw and lightly cooked veges, dairy, most supplements, and tomatoes with their skins on. I also think that as time goes on some of these foods won't be a problem. I've read that for some of us it can take a year to heal the gut and stop the super-sensitivity.

        It's a slow and frustrating process, but now that I'm at this end of it I can look back and think that this has been the most useful 3 months of my life EVER in terms of my health, energy and confidence.
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          hmm everyone seems to have the same thought with the tracking..urgh..i never thought that i could be badly reacting to my supplements tho thx for making me think on that one jac..ouff well i guess i can suck it up and track everything or whine and tempting to do the second haha thx for the help everyone i appreciate it!