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Not even a tsp or a half tsp?

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  • Not even a tsp or a half tsp?

    I cannot stand artificial sweetners, even the stevia leaves an after taste in my mouth that is disgusting. Yet there are some things that need just a touch of sugar to balance them out.

    How bad is a little? does it negate all the good Primal I do every day? I'm talking a little in
    a big pot of something or a big bowl.

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    I don't think it would negate everything.

    What kinds of foods are you needing to add sugar to? I think that would be my primary concern....most really good primal food (meat, veg, fish) obviously doesn't need sugar.

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      How long have you been primal? Maybe you are still getting used to not having everything so sweetened. I don't need sweetener in anything and I used to really need it. Things that never tasted sweet taste much more sweet now.

      That being said, it's up to you whether you want to use a little sugar. Mark uses a little sugar in his coffee, as he mentions in his book. A lot of us eat dark chocolate and that has some sugar in it.

      You have to figure out how it affects you. For me, it might trigger more sugar cravings because I am really sensitive to it. Maybe you don't have that problem.


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        I would think about a little LITTLE amount of honey
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          I have found cinnamon to be a good substitute for me. Even in coffee, when I drink it.
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            Use glucose powder.
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              I agree with healthy11... I'm only about 3 weeks in but I noticed last night that things generally taste sweeter to me. Might want to give it some time to see if you get more sensitive to the natural sweetness in foods. Raw honey is a good idea too.


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                i add sweeteners once in a while, like sometimes when i make dressing (honey dijon for example) or sometimes when i make a marinade. for a treat, i put around 1/2-1 tsp of crystallized, raw honey in my greek yogurt. just remember that it's a treat, it is likely to increase your appetite for sweet foods, and it WILL decrease your ability to taste more subtle sweetness. it does have an effect (esp. if your goal is to reduce body fat%), so you just have to decide if it's worth it to you.
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                  A tsp in a pot of spaghetti sauce with meatballs, home made, no fillers, and eaten with a salad, not pasta. A little in salad dressing for sweet & sour flavor. Brown sugar in a rib rub, not much or they will burn. That is the kind of 'sugaring' I'm talking about, no desserts, oh, and a tsp in a bowl of strawberries, was what make me ask. They were really sour, even with the sugar, and I refused to add more sugar.

                  Thanks for the suggestions and comments, and I do have honey in the house, and love the sweetness of cinnamon & cardamom.


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                    IMO, that amount of sugar is hardly worth worrying about.

                    Excessive sugar is certainly bad, and exactly how much qualifies as "excessive" is different for everyone, but I really don't think adding a tsp to a pot of spaghetti sauce is going to be an issue.


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                      Going cold turkey on all sweeteners is often helpful to reset your tastes.

                      That being said, Mark puts sugar in his coffee, it's hardly something to worry about.
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