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Can someone help me understand cholesterol?

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  • Can someone help me understand cholesterol?

    Cholesterol has never been a major focus of study for me.

    I now have some people asking me for details of why I don't worry about it. Alas, it's one of those complex topics about which I have the general idea that it's not as horrific as we've been led to believe, but I can't explain why. Something about ratios of HDL and LDL, and "large fluffy" vs "small dense"...

    Is anyone in the mood to run me through the basics (or point me toward your favorite articles that do so)?

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    If I were you I would search this forum for information about cholesterol. Check out Griff's posts in the different threads because he is quite knowledgeable when it comes to cholesterol. In the past few days he had a good summary in one of the threads, maybe I will dig it up and link it for you.

    Here you go, there is a good rundown in this thread by griff...he even includes some links for further reading.

    And here is mark's take on cholesterol: