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Coconut oil?

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  • Coconut oil?

    How do you use it? What is your favorite most useful way?

    New to PB. I picked some up last week and it is still unopened...thought it would come in use....but realize I am not clear WTH for?
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    I'm not a huge fan of it, but I like cooking fish with it. Wish I liked it better because it's good for you. Some people put it in there coffee and others cook everything with it, and some people just eat it right out of the jar.


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      I eat it right out of the jar, LOL! Sometimes I just grab a spoon and eat some (when it's refrigerated - I don't like the feel when it's oily). I use it in a frying pan sometimes for meats (if I'm not using bacon fat). I've made fried eggs with it and it's good but for some reason, I don't care for scrambled cooked in it. And I have some in my tea right now


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        ...ok just put it in the frig. Had it sitting out with my olive, sesame oil....I may brave it and dig in later. I will try anything twice. First times are always clumsy.
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          I love fried eggs in it. They come out sooo fresh tasting. Somehow enhances the egg taste.


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            I love using it to cook green beans and broccoli with garlic.
            The first coconut oil i tried was jungle products and I did not like eating it from the jar.
            I picked up a jar of Artisana coconut oil and a jar of coconut butter and it is really great to eat from the jar.
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              people people

              melt cocnut butter
              add stevia and unsweetened coco to taste
              pour 1/3 masue into cupcake tins
              add a dolllop od your favorite nut butter
              cover with another 1/3

              need i say more....
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                I've been wondering about coconut oil myself lately because I've never tried it. I'd like to, but I'm not sure what to do with the stuff. I think I just need to get a jar and start experimenting! To those who are familiar with coconut oil, is there a significant difference in texture and/or flavor between different brands?
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                  Originally posted by Charley View Post
                  ...ok just put it in the frig. Had it sitting out with my olive, sesame oil....I may brave it and dig in later. I will try anything twice. First times are always clumsy.
                  Fair warning, it gets about as firm (and brittle) as a candle when refrigerated. You kinda have to shave it to get any (took me a month to break my kids of the habit of putting it in there when I first started using the stuff).


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                    My 2 favorite things to cook with coconut oil - any super-lean cut of beef (fillet mignon, for instance) that I'm planning to sear. And Mushrooms.

                    Mushrooms seared in coconut oil are bloody awesome.

                    Even awesomer draped over a coconut oil seared steak.



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                      I use it for frying just about anything from eggs to steak although I prefer bacon grease for eggs. I'm using the refined product though, not virgin. Can't think of anything I'd use the virgin for.


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                        Anave, yes, there is. I can't remember what brand (sorry!) but when I first bought a jar a few years ago, I thought I didn't like it. When I bought a second jar of a different brand, I discovered that it was the brand that was the problem. I just bought a jar of Dr. Bronner's (yes, the soap guy, lol!) and it's yummy. I've also had tropical traditions and like them too.


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                          Bake cubed sweet potatoes in it. Yummy!


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                            My favorite use for coconut oil?

                            Maybe not the most exciting, but it makes my day - spoonful of almond butter and a spoonful of cocnut oil. Shove both in my mouth at the same time.

                            The coconut oil instantly melts and blends with the almond butter, and it somehow makes the almond butter taste sweeter. Just heaven!


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                              You might like it as 'bark'. Leave as is, or add some melted dark chocolate and/or some nut butter. Mix up, spread in a thin layer on wax paper in a baking dish. Refrigerate then crack into pieces and store ... if you don't eat it all in one sitting.
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