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IF'ers - do you eat more at lunch or at dinner?

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  • IF'ers - do you eat more at lunch or at dinner?

    Do you eat more at lunch or at dinner? And when do you usually eat more or less carbs? How does that have an effect on you?

    (I'm assuming you're on a 2 meal a day like me, but you could be doing 3 or 4 meals a day and still consume more later in the day).

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    I eat the most at my first meal, which is usually around 2:00 in the afternoon. On days that I lift, I eat about 200g of carbs and 125g of protein at that meal with very little fat. On non-training days, I keep the carbs to less than 20g and up the fat to about 50g. The 2nd meal (which is usually split into 2 meals) is VLC and is between 75-100g of protein and about 100g of fat.
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      It really depends on what I eat to break my fast and what you mean by *more* . . .

      Some days I do the whole breakfast@2pm thing wherein I have 3-5 eggs, 2-4 slices of bacon, and either spinach or berries or (rarely) banana slices with walnuts on the side.

      Other days I do the BAS which might have any number of greens (usually with spinach or arugula as a base), veggies, meats, and sometimes a scattering of cheese and/or nuts.

      So do you mean more volume, more calories? The BAS, of course usually has more volume and more carbs. The eggs more fat and thus more calories (generally - I have some pretty heavy salads sometimes, but I never use dressing - just don't like the taste - so the fat content is usually comparatively lower than the eggs).

      That said, dinner is the meal I share with my family, so that is often the bigger meal - unless I am working that night - in which case it's usually a small Tupperware of cold leftovers.


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        Dinner for sure. I like to end the day with a big meal.


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          What's BAS?

          By the way I just reminded of an important "issue". Sometimes when I want to go below maintenance level, I want to find foods that I can chew up a lot for a long time and that leave me filled. Usually a bunch of raw veggies or salad, it distracts your stomach. On the other hand, on days I want to go above my calorie maintenance, I'd like to find foods, low on fat (refeed - workout day) that I can eat just a bit and give me a lot of calories. It's kind of difficult since 1g of fat has 9 calories while 1g of carbs and 1g of protein have 4 calories.

          Still, what kind of foods would use to either "deceive" yourself into thinking your eating a lot (when you're eating very little) and what foods you could eat that are low-fat and have lots of calories and don't fill your stomach much?


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            BAS = Big Ass Salad


            I'm not too much into *deceiving* my gut into thinking it's getting more or less or whatever. Like I said, I generally start my day with a big plate of protein and fat or a big bowl of fibrous raw veggies topped with some kind of meat in the form of my BAS. I eat that between 1-2pm and I'm generally not hungry before dinner (between 6-7pm). That's pretty much my daily window (which occasionally starts as early as noon and ends as late as 8pm).

            Honestly, the whole *not hungry* thing was the best part of PB for me.

            Because back when I was a carbavore I grazed pretty much constantly.

            I haven't had a need to trick myself yet.

            I don't do carb refeeds or anything like that. Dunno if that is what you were looking for from IFers, but I'm just not there yet.

            I guess if I had to trick myself I'd go high fat or high fiber respectively depending on whether you're taking calories up or down. But so far hunger hasn't really been an issue with me beyond what a half dozen macadamias can cure, and I haven't needed those since my first month in. Of course, I'm still sporting enough fat that my body should have plenty to nosh on even if I'm not putting anything in my mouth. So maybe that's why I'm never hungry.
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              Lol, mealS? I eat my first meal around 5:30-6:00 and it usually fills me up until bedtime. On occasion, I've gotten peckish again and had a boiled egg or two. Generally, though, I'm satisfied with one meal.
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                I changed about three weeks ago to one meal a day at around 4:00 PM. I take my time and usually end around 6:00 PM. I manage to eat anywhere from 2000-3500 calories a day depending on if it was a hard workout day.
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                  Depends on my schedule/activities.
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                    I came to a conclusion on what i was thinking of foods you could eat to spend your time tricking your stomach into thinking you're eating a lot (if you want to eat under maintenance), and other foods you could eat quickly and that wouldn't fill up much of your stomach if you want to go over your maintenance without stuffing yourself.

                    First scenario it would be BAS and lots of vegetables with some very lean meat (so you have to eat a lot of it). The casein resulting from the meat and veggies would do the trick well and you would need quite some time to eat everything.

                    Second scenario would be eating a big protein shake with hard cheese or full fat cottage cheese. You can eat those quickly and add up lots of calories. That, and bacon and belly rashers.