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Liver/gallbladder problems

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  • Liver/gallbladder problems

    So I have been primal (75/25) for the last year or so with great results for myself, wife and father. Feel great. BP and cholesterol numbers greatly improved. Very happy.

    April this year, i decided to get strict and finally drop the last 10-15 lbs. Drastically cut cheats and maintain 50-100g of carbs, sometimes less. Over the last few weeks I have been experiencing RUQ and right shoulder pain. Finally go the doc and am told I have cysts on my liver and polyps in my gallbladder. Of course my diet is to blame as is my cholesterol (190 with good ratios down from 230 a year ago). More testing next week.

    There is no family history. I am as healthy as you get otherwise, no ailments no meds. I'm a 33 yom 5'10 175 down from 190.

    Any similar experiences or advice?
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    Btw, blood tests show normal liver function.


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      From what I've been reading/hearing: it's possible that rapid fat loss ( approx 16lbs in 7 weeks) can result in cholesterol polyps in the gallbladder. If this is true and is what I'm experiencing, does it pass?

      Also, it's entirely probable that the liver cysts are benign and unrelated.

      I have an MRI on Wednesday...
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        Good luck with your MRI. I hope you get the answers you are looking for.

        I am sorry I can't be of any help to you. The blueprint was what fixed my gallblader problems.


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          MRI showed no polyps in the gallbladder and a few fatty deposits in the liver... Nothing to worry about. The pin has gotten better each day and doc feels it should clear up soon. Probably a result of rapid fat loss coupled with a high fat diet.


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            Thanks for posting your experience, just got diagnosed with gallbladder polyps (having some annoying IBS symptoms too). Will be heading to the gastroenterologist soon... interesting what you found about rapid fat loss, I haven't seen that anywhere!