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  • Do you take supplements?

    I just finished Chapter 4 in the PB and it got me curious. I have never taken supplements, the iron in many multi-vitamins make me sick. But after reading that chapter I can see how certain supplements can be very beneficial for overall health. So..

    Do you take supplements? If so, what do you take?

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    Over the last 5 years i have taken the below while i was working my way back to health.

    Now all i take with any regularity is
    Magnesium Citrate, Zinc, L-Carnatine, Sago C

    However i find that i have gotten my gut to a point where i get most of my needs from food.

    7-Keto-DHEA ; A-C Carbamide ; A-F Betafood ; Adrenal Complex ; Aloe 225 ; Amino All ; Andrographis Complex ; Baxyl ; Bioplasma ; Black Currant Seed Oil ; Cal-Ma Plus ; Cardio Plus ; Cardiotrophin PMG ; CataPlex B ; Cataplex C ; Cataplex E2 ; Cataplex G ; Chaste Tree ; Choline ; Cinnamon Bark ; Concentrace Trace Minerals ; CyroFood ; Cytozyme PT/HPT ; DermaCo ; Dessicated Adrenal ; DGL Licorice ; Drenamin ; Drenatrophin PMG ; E - 400 ; Echinacea Premuim ; Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) ; Endorphigen ; Gastrex ; Ginger 1:2 ; Ginko 2000mg ; HCG ; Hepatrophin PMG ; Hypo D ; Hypothalamex ; Hypothalamus PMG ; Iodamere ; Iodarol ; L Arganine ; L Glutamine ; L Tryptophan ; Licorice Powder ; Ligaplex I ; Linum B6 ; Maca-3 ; Magnesium ; Magnesium Citrate ; Magnesium Lactate ; MCT Oil ; MSM ; Nattokinase ; Neurotrophin PMG ; Niacinamide ; Okra Pepsin E3 ; Olive Leaf ; Orchic PMG ; Organically Bound Minerals ; Ostrophin PMG ; Ox Bile ; Paranil ; Phosfood Liquid ; Pituitrophin PMG ; Potassium Citrate ; Pro-Syn Biotic ; Progesterone ; Prostate PMG ; ProstX ; Rena Food ; Renatrophin PMG ; Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex ; Sago-C-500 ; Selenium ; Silymarin ; Thymex ; Thytrophin PMG ; Total Para ; Total Yeast Redux ; Trace Minerals - B12 ; Tribulus ; Tumeric 1:1 ; Tuna Omega-3 Oil ;
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      For me, personally, I only supplement with fish oil and a good quality whey protein since my goal is to be more muscular. I feel like I'm getting a lot of my nutrients from what I'm eating already.


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        A bunch of Fish Oil (>3g a day), Natural Calm on some nights and the occasional whey protein shake. Now that I have a meat topped salad every day I don't need anything else
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          4 g of fish oil a day, 1 cod liver oil, Vit D3 - 5000IU, Magnesium glycinate 400 mg a day, multivitamin one a day.


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            4g of fish oil Omega 3, 5000ui Vitamin D, Centrum Silver, Best MSM 1500mg, Potassium Citrate 200mg, Vitamin C 1g. I'll be adding some Calcium\Magnesium soon.

            I only take the Potassium if I'm under 50g of carbs for the day, because I don't want long bouts of acidic urine which could lead to kidney stones (has not happened yet). The Centrum Silver is because of the extra ingredients from the regular version and the lack of iron which I get from meat.
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              5000iu vitamin D, creatine, and the occasional whey protein shake


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                I take 800 magnesium citrate, 8k vitamin d3, 1k acetyl l-carnitine, and 2 prenatals
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                  These are dr-specified and based on regular blood tests-

                  -Omega 3 Fishoil (At least 6 a day)
                  -DHEA/Pregnenolone (50mg/100mg)
                  -Vitamin D (10,000 IU) Most people would be fine with 2,000 IU.
                  -B Complex with Iron. I get a strong mix from my dr that also has Vit A, C, and a good mix of minerals like magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, and chromium.
                  -Maitake D Fraction (360 mg) This is a mushroom extract that assists the immune system.
                  -Maitake SX Fraction (about 3,000 mg) This is a custom blend mixed with green tea that boosts insulin sensitivity.

                  At night:

                  Melatonin with GABA, 5-HTP, and L-Theanine (12 mg). This is to sleep better and wake up better as well.

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                    Wow, you guys take a lot of supplements. I've never taken any to be honest. The supplement I'd probably benefit from is vitamin D, because I don't get much sunlight throughout the year.

                    My question for you: Do you get any immediate benefits from supplements? Can you feel it? If so, which ones? (My knowledge in supplements is non-existent; I've always felt that whole foods give us everything we need.)


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                      I take fermented cod liver oil capsules and probiotics.


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                        Originally posted by Nutritionator View Post
                        A bunch of Fish Oil (>3g a day), Natural Calm on some nights and the occasional whey protein shake. Now that I have a meat topped salad every day I don't need anything else
                        Is primal calm working for you? I have always wanted to try it out but have yet to make the purchase. Let me know what you think please!
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                          4 grams of fish oil
                          1 probiotic
                          Vitamin D in the winter months

                          I also consume whey. Its a supplement I guess...

                          And, I'll randomly take a few of Marks DCMF. Its expensive if you take 12 capsules a day but pretty cheap if you do it my way

                          I feel better when I take probiotics!
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                            Just the basics: D3, fish oil and Mg. I'll take a plant-based multi if I've been slacking on the veggies.
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                              There's often a fine line between supplements and food, it seems to me.

                              The super all-in-one supplement I take is the fermented cod liver oil / high-vitamin butter oil blend. It's got vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, omega-3, CLA, and whatever else is in cod liver oil and butter oil.

                              Beyond that . . . I try to eat small amounts of liver a few times a week for all the B vitamins, either in the form of slurry or freeze-dried powder. I occasionally eat nutritional yeast flakes, which are also high in B vitamins (except B12).

                              I eat one or two brazil nuts most days for the selenium.

                              I eat seaweed once or twice a week for the iodine.

                              I generally have the juice of one lemon per day for the Vitamin C. I'll occasionally have freeze-dried acerola cherry powder instead.

                              I try to swim in the ocean a few times a week for the magnesium (and Vitamin D). If I can't do that, I'll take some Natural Calm.

                              I drink kombucha or KeVita, and eat sauerkraut, pickles, kimchee, and yogurt for the probiotics.

                              I have a small amount of Swedish bitters a few times a week, for all the stuff in there (iridoids, sesquiterpene, lactones, alkaloids, etc.).

                              I eat a clove of chopped garlic with a spoonful of honey a few times a week as a general immune-enhancer.

                              That's all I can think of. I don't know which ones count as supplements and which are just food, but either way, that's my routine.